WipEout 2048 Preview [TheSixthAxis]

TheSixthAxis writes: "Technology rumbles on. Nowhere is this more emphasised than in WipEout 2048′s glorious intro video, which charts a piecemeal history of the Feisar brand; from 60′s racing cars so real Stirling Moss himself might have just missed out on them through to modern day Formula One vehicles, near future hybrid machines and – finally – ships more closely resembling the WipEout rides we’re used to.

It’s a smart, knowing slice of video. Racer competition gets tougher, the vehicles faster, and, ultimately, wheels morph into anti-grav jets with a clunk and a whirr that begs to be listened to via a decent set of headphones. Indeed, playing the game itself through the Vita’s tiny speakers, with its distinctive buzz and whine, is something of an injustice. I’ve never before had a constant grin on my face just from a game’s audio design."

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