5 horrible sequels to good games

You can’t have too much of a good thing - and these games guarantee it. MyGaming takes a look at a few game sequels that just couldn't live up to their predecessors - or simply lost the plot completely.

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CarlitoBrigante2231d ago

Jak X is one of the greatest games out there. Why isn't there Resident Evil 5 in this list?

Canary2231d ago

What it ultimately comes down to is that there are way, way, way too many awful sequels to good games to narrow down a list to 50, let alone 5.

j-blaze2230d ago

but overall RE5 is still a great game, the replay value is incredibly high...i still play this game from time to time

the real question is why isn't there UC3 in this list?

CarlitoBrigante2230d ago

UC3 is a really good game, while it wasnt as great as UC2, it still is considered one of the greatest games last year.

Compare RE5 to RE4 and RE5 deserves the title for "horrible sequel"

dukegodtezza2231d ago

i loved frontlines but homefront is a joke

Fylus2231d ago

Top 5 most annoying things in life:

5. Sarah Jessica Parker's face
4. Mainstream Hip-hop
3. Shifty Looking Cows
2. Bad journalism
1. Top 5 (topic) lists

tigertron2230d ago

Replace 'shifty looking cows' with the following:

1. Justin Beiber
2. Katy Price/Jordan (google her if you don't know)
3. Twilight
4. The X Factor
5. Kerry Katona (again, google)
6. Cheryl Cole
7. Footballers
8. the UK government
9. Glee
10. Britains Got Talent (or lack of...)
11. Big Brother
12. hackers
13. Simon Cowell
14. Harry Potter
15. Exams

Just add to the list if I've missed anything. ^_^

Fylus2230d ago

Shifty Looking Cows is a Mass Effect Meme. I'm sorry but I definitely cannot replace it ;)

But I definitely agree that mostly everything on your list is indeed quite annoying. I'm a sucker for Harry Potter (Books) though so that's where we differ.

NeloAnjelo2230d ago

Great list. I relate to all being from the UK. However I do fancy Cheryl Cole. I'm glad Harry Potter is in there.

I'd remove Cheryl Cole and add all dancing shows period.

tigertron2229d ago

Ah I remember now! I'm embarrassed now because I love Mass Effect...

I do know my number 14 is a bit controversial though. :P

Truerandom2230d ago

Hit seekers are annoying.

Uncharted 3 = 7.9
Skyrim = 8.9
Zelda SS = 8.4
Amy = 9.2

BlackBusterCritic2230d ago


Ontopic: Where are all the Sonic Sequels?

Brownghost2230d ago

Agree on the top 5 list since that's what we mostly see

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BLAKHOODe2230d ago

He must've forgot The Godfather II.

Mr_Fluffy2230d ago

Why isn't Sonic in here