X-Play Expands

Kotaku explains the changes that X-Play will be undergoing: "What began back in 1998 as GameSpot TV before morphing to Extended Play and finally X-Play is undergoing yet another metamorphosis next month as the focus shifts from reviews to all-around gaming news show beginning on January 14th. Along with their signature video game reviews, the now-daily show expands to include sneak peaks, interviews, game demos, analysis, and straight-up gaming news. Other new features will include Tips and Tricks from Cheat! (Ah, the Pringles gamer guide *snicker* ) and X-Play Gamer Challenges, which will offer viewers compete on the air for fame and prizes."

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Captain Tuttle3847d ago

I've always enjoyed watching X-Play. It does seem like they'll be even more Cops re-runs on G4 though.