Haven't We Had Enough of Wastelands and Mutants?

With RAGE having come and gone and not really been that amazing there is a glaring question: haven't we seen enough mutants and wastelands?

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Son_Lee2252d ago

No, not if done right. You need lore and atmosphere to back it up. Fallout 3 did this perfectly. I got lost in that wasteland for hours. As long as it has atmosphere and substance to it, it can be interesting.

Detoxx2251d ago

Yep, I wanted to say the exact same thing

Blacktric2251d ago

Don't forget S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. I still remember the first time I went underground in Shadow Of Chernobyl... What a horrifyingly amazing experience.

Lord_Sloth2251d ago

I've had enough Realistic War Based shooters.

Detoxx2251d ago

As far as I know there are just 2 Realistic War Based shooters.. Arma & Battlefield

MysticStrummer2251d ago

Battlefield is only realistic in comparison to a game like CoD. OT - No.

Lord_Sloth2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Medal of Honor
Call of Duty
Battlefield 3

And 1 of those is yearly and this is cutting out sci-fi FPS.

ndl15312251d ago

nope . i love post apocalyptic settings . end of the world scenarios . zombie/virus infected plagues . (when all done right of corse ) im loving rage (dont see why many hate it) and played the hell outa borderlands. i also love space like mass effect and crysis2 just to name a few and i love my ps3 exclusives also and a big rpg fan but what i cant stand is modern military shooters anymore dam just sick of em mainly one frachise that has been getting milked dry . (you all know which one)