Every Game Studio That’s Closed Down Since 2006

Kotaku - Pub trivia fans and those looking for an example of just how cut-throat the video game industry can be, take a look at this list. Try and memorise it if you must, but know it is very long, because it's a list of every developer and studio that's closed down since 2006.

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Stuart57562348d ago

I'm so glad MTV Games shut down, it's a shame about 3D Realms. So many memories!

Bathyj2347d ago

Will there ever be another Full Spectrum Warrior?

lodossrage2347d ago

A good many of those studios were absorbed into other studios.

This here however is another reason as to why you shouldn't want the next gen so soon.

If companies are having a tough time keeping it together now, just think how bad it will be with everything being more expensive.

ChiVoLok02347d ago

I only cared for Incognito and Team Bondi.

lodossrage2347d ago

Most of Incognito are now working at Lightbox, who are doing Starhawk.

The remnants of Team Bondi...I have no clue about

SonyStyled2346d ago

i believe the story was david jaffe and dylan jobbe left incognito and created eat sleep play (jaffe) and lightbox interactive (jobbe). 90% of incognito eithewr followed jaffe or jobbe to their own studios. i could be mistaken but im pretty sure thats it

ChiVoLok02346d ago

Yeah I knew that but I loved that Incognito logo when I booted up Warhawk and Twisted Metal for PSP