System Requirements revealed for The Darkness II PC

2K Games and Digital Extremes have revealed the minimum and recommended system requirements for The Darkness II on PC.

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h311rais3r2258d ago

9800 recommended?! Clearly not a Pc build. Atleast we get it :3

Animals_as_Leaders2258d ago

recommended specs are meaningless.

Crysis also had an 8800gtx as recommended...we all know how that ran at 1080p...

Basically as a rule, recommended means 30 frames on the highest setting with no AA.

If you want to max it out you'd want a gtx285 or a gtx460 most likely.

kevnb2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

people didnt run 1080p much back then, and there wasnt much higher than an 8800gtx. a 260 should max it at 60 fps no problem.

Animals_as_Leaders2258d ago

I know there wasn't 1080p much...but a 8800gtx couldn't even get 30 frames maxed with no AA at 1680x1050 in Crysis, so my statement of it not being able to run games with the recommended specs are absolutely true.

ninjahunter2258d ago

Sounds about right, Im glad PC game requirements are kinda normalizing... For the most part.

jay22258d ago

Fair enough, no worries on this PC to play it.