New Street Fighter IV Sreenshots

A new batch of Street Fighter 4 screenshots has been released.

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gamesblow3898d ago

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like GOAT P*$$?? I mean, this is terrible looking... Ryu looks like a Hydocephalic.

InMyOpinion3898d ago

I'm not too excited about how it looks either. Too colorful, IMO it looks childish. It also looks like there's nothing new to it except for the cel-shaded graphics. Same old same old...

unlimited3898d ago

It looks like to big incrediable hulks fighting not to excited for it..

the worst3898d ago

i hope its
comes on the
psn or xbl for $10 or $20

mesh13898d ago

don't worry u kids are a minority game look amazing as it stands not to mention its not done if they changed it they wud loose hardcore gamers like me that actually played sf1 on release some of u were not born

Feihc Retsam3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

They wanted to keep it in the classic art style of the previous installments.
I'm not a big Street FIghter fanatic, but there is a VERY loyal following to this game, and I think that THOSE people will appreciate the effort taht went into re-working the game to use 3D visuals but keep the original flavor

JsonHenry3898d ago

Wow, I must be the only person who thinks this looks great. Wait to see it in motion, then make a judgement. Sometimes still screens look nothing like the game in motion.

Baron793898d ago

Your not the only one dude. I think these pictures look sick. And like you said ,in motion it will look even better, I may pass out when I see a video. But I love SF and have been waiting for part 4 forever, so I may be a little bias. But really, I don't think capcom will screw up this one.

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BIoodmask3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

but I am still disappointed. I think that Street Fighter should have remained 2D. At least the character models.

I am a hardcore fan of the series. And Capcom worked wonders in SF3: Third Strike. The animation was superb and the art work was truly top notch.

Street fighter was always about fast paced gameplay and two in one combo moves. It is cool to see Ken's flaming dragon puch rendered in 3D but I still think this rendition of Streetfighter isn't catered towards long time fans and more towards common trends in video games. The evolution into 3D.

In 2D fighters the timing is more precise. You can actually look at the animation frames to place that perfect dragon puch for a countermove. I have yet to play a 3D fighter that has this type of gameplay.

Skerj3898d ago

Couldn't agree more man, if they told me this was EX4 I'd have been like "Damn, I might actually enjoy this one" but as something big as SF4 it's just not doing it for me. They're trying to bring back everyone who left after SFII but are alienating the ones who stayed for the Alpha series, the crossovers, and SFIII. What's going to happen then? We're going to leave and they're eventually going to leave because why? They're just not fighting game purists.

I might stay for the long run though, I do love the new save system and the cancelling diagram shown in EGM. I did however want this to continue after 3rd Strike seeing as how Alex won and Gill did the whole messiah thing, SF has a really immersive and complex storyline so hopefully this one continues that.

Relcom3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

You make a great point. I dunno why Devs think that to make a great to 2D game even better is to make it more 3D (even though this game is 2.5D). Still they can save this game if it runs in 60FPS no slowdowns at all and for godsakes keep the combo-counter system. If it does slow down to anything less than 60FPS then its worthless as a legit fighter. I hope it turns out great, Capcom is a great company so i'll give them the benefit of the doubt (for now).

PStriple7033898d ago

i dont kno about this one guys.....

Mandaspt3898d ago

You see the same screenshots in EGM scans. But in the scans they´re in bad quality.

INehalemEXI3898d ago

The Dragon punch does look pretty good though. Its a work in progress so I give them the benefit of the doubt and hope it ends up great.

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