College Student Arrested for Threats Made While Playing on XBL

A college student has been arrested for making violent threats over Xbox Live while playing Activision's Call of Duty 4. The student allegedly threatened to shoot up his school while playing the game.

The student is facing a possible $5,000 fine and up to a year in jail because of his comments on Xbox Live.

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PS360WII3935d ago

Good. Hopefully they start cracking down on more of this stuff so we can end the ranting and jerks on not only live but psn as well.

MyNutsYourChin3935d ago

Indeed. Bullying, threats, and declarations of violence need to be stopped and resolved immediately.

unlimited3935d ago

In the picture why he got to be white?? yeah hope he wasnt be serious about doin it..If so he needs to be on medication for his illness.

gamesR4fun3935d ago

lol about time someone got spanked on live

caffman3935d ago

cause he tripped my claymore

Alvadr3935d ago

XBL & PSN are just full of kids. Im playing COD4 at the moment and everytime voice chat is enabled there is always some prepubescent boy swearing and moaning about the map, dont get me wrong, I swear, but this kid is obviously just trying to sound big... I wonder if he kissed is mum with that mouth.

Luckily I dont play online much.

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green3935d ago

exactly.Good to see such things being taken seriously.

crazy250003935d ago

im so sick of all those nasty comments......if they were at least funny i wouldnt mind, but they are just plain stupid!

lol glad i just curse at my tv instead of into the mic =)

Lightning Mr Bubbles3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Soon this won't be a free country. People being arrested for joking around? It's not that dudes fault other people do stupid Sh*t.

It's gotten to where you play a prank on something, and now it's a year in prison for you.

PS360WII3935d ago

joking around? Yea saying your going to kill someone or shoot up your school? Oh yea you're right that hilarious....

Freedom of speech this is not.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3935d ago

Freedom of speech, people have the right to say and joke around about whatever. Even dark subjects.

Ignorant Fanboy3935d ago

Should we arrest him too?

But hes right, a death threat is not considered "free speech", its a crime punishable by law.

mboojigga3935d ago

So you feel it is okay to say bomb on a plane to then huh?

Let us know how that plays out next time you are on a plane and this happens.

lynx1halo3935d ago

what if i was in the military and i was a bombadier,......i love that movie

MyNutsYourChin3935d ago

Lightning, you first need to check yourself into an asylum as I remember you thought it was "ok" to sexually interact with children. You disgust me beyond belief and your ignorance and distorted perceptions of the concept of freedom, free speech, and liberty is a reflection of the reason our society is going to hell.

gamesblow3935d ago

I agree 100% with Lightning on this one... This is a free country and if you live in it, you should be able to express yourself and use all the freedoms given to us by our founding fathers. simple as that. Words and words, until otherwise proven and carried out as actions.

Bubbles to you, man.

Tranz3935d ago

Freedom of speech ends the momment you threaten someone else... and if you really think this is a free country then you really need to open up your eyes bud..

SmokeyMcBear3935d ago

sorry guys, but making a threat on someone is NOT considered free speech, saying "I am going to kill you" is not protected speech. You are threatening the well being of someone.. well you get arrested. and cmon gamesblow, it doesnt work that way, its only a crime until it happens??? nope doesnt work that way, plotting, planning, hiring a hit man, all that kind of stuff is illegal. Granted i didnt hear what he said, but if he stated that he is going to blow up the school and kill people, well sorry dude, but that is not protected speech. Its only bad after he actually does it??? thats a stupid stance to have

Legend3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

You fellas confused on the idea of protected speech might want to bone up on the Bill of Rights, and the Supreme Courts interpretation of the First Amendment. Not all speech is protected, certainly not threats even made in a joking manner.

Oh, and the term "free county" is absurd, especially when refering to the United States.

xionpunk3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Don't pull that freedom of speech crap. There is a point where you have to draw the line when people abuse that right. That guy deserves to be arrested. And how do you know he was joking? I'm sure he'd say that if he was being arrested.

@ legend - How are we not free in the US exactly?

Legend3935d ago

It is a term that was relevant post War of Independence that expressed our freedom from the colonial rule of England. As far as my definition of freedom goes, free country is no longer relevant to the US, for the above reason (being an outdated notion) and as our personal freedoms guranteed in the Constitution are systematically being rolled back and denied, ala Patiot Act and warrantless wiretapping. Also, children throw out the term as a sort of get out of jail free card as a way to justify misbehavior and the act of doing whatever they feel like. So, yeah, we are free from the tryrannical rule of a foreign country, but I see too much tryanny in this country for me to be able to call this a free country, by that definition, with a straight face.

WilliamRLBaker3935d ago

Ignorant I Dont believe chris rock said that he was gonna shoot up some schools he just made fun of it...ect

I believe this guy actually said to other class mates..Im gonna shoot up the school...ect

xplosneer3935d ago

Need to move up to eighth grade and look at the constitution.

Bolts3935d ago

There is no such thing as complete freedom of speech. Only a moron would believe in such a thing. Just run up to some black guy and call him the N word to see how far your freedom of speech goes.

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