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LAG - "To an outsider, picking 10 of the best characters from a 2-game series may seem trivial. Ask any Mass Effect veteran however, and they will tell you otherwise. The sheer amount of well developed characters in the Mass Effect series makes us wonder, does Mass Effect have the “best” characters in gaming? While the question will lead to opinionated answers, the fact that the question is often asked is testament enough to the quality of those very characters. Without further ado, I give you LAG’s Top 10 Mass Effect characters."

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ninjahunter2378d ago

My personal List:
1) Tali'zorah - Makes me squirm for joy every second on screen. :)
2) Joker - Who couldnt love his Personality? Total BA :D
3) Kasumi - See Tali

Maby i need more life, but when a game makes me get emotional its the greatest thing in the world.

ArchangelMike2378d ago

It's all about Liara T'soni for me. The fact that she was so distant towards Shepherd in ME2, was a real emotional disappointment for the chatacter, and very well done. It also lead to one of the best missions in the whole game - the shadow broker.

Legion also ranks up there because of the way he is introduced and how he is humanised.

And who would'nt love the ultimate emo-psycho-babe Jack. I'd let her 'reave' me anyday :0)