Five Games That Could Go Either Way in 2012

IGN: These titles should be amazing, but they could just as easily disappoint.

2012 is shaping up to be another strong year for gamers, with plenty of high – and low – profile titles to be excited about. We all know, however, that not every one of those games is going to fulfil its potential, or be the masterclass in game design we'd like it to be. In fact, a few of the games we're excited about could easily turn out to be crushing disappointments. With that in mind, I've selected five games that should be awesome, but that – for one reason or another – I'm not entirely sold on yet. So, let's get to it.

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Julie2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Wow please The Last Guardian will NOT disappoint! come on! D:

It is Fumito Ueda , that man is fantasy and he makes dreams. Fumito will give us a key to another realm. Stop with the nonsense IGN :(

Bundi2378d ago

lol thats assuming Last Guardian even makes it out this year.

ilovemyps32378d ago

About Lara croft, I think its gonna be awesome. Crystal knows what standards are,and how they play. Bad camera angles will be over, and welcome to the new Lara, more sensitive, maybe more weak. No more big boob Lara, over self-confident,who can defeat a horde of 10000 Bengal tigers with a maybeline mascara pencil, without sweating.

I'm sure I'm gonna love her character, of a scared girl, who just want to survive.
If they try to equal uncharted visuals,story,etc,and being able to follow different paths, and even going back to levels, with more powers, that will unleash many other items,stories,etc, this Lara will be day one for me.

About the last guardian, its been a long time we haven't got any news.. good or bad ones. Honestly, with a bit of luck, this game could end up being a he could end up being canceled.I would prefer the first option, but too long since the last trailer, of the last guardian...

Stuart57562371d ago

Has anyone else got two photos to the right of their screen, one of a very old woman and one of a young attractive woman. Read the caption above.