Eight minutes of UT III - PS3

Unreal Tournament III has finally hit PS3 in US after months of confusion over it's release, and CVG can confirm it's pretty bloody good.

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MK_Red3934d ago

I wish they had included an option for higher PC like speed/pace for users with mouse and keyboard. Aside from that, it's multiplayer perfection for me. UT rules.

riqued3934d ago

At multiplayer because that would be unfair, but in single would be nice.

MK_Red3934d ago

Good point but they could have made that for a specific matches were everyone has to have a mouse & keyboard to enter.

TheHater3934d ago

If you turn up the Acceleration all the way up and sensitive up, it come pretty close to the PC speed of the game.

HarryEtTubMan3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Dude I was playing this at my buddys all day yesterday with some friends and its sooo fun! I'm getting this today! UT3 for the win! They all want PS3's now too!(I guess they already did though)

comes with 40 freakin maps! and mods with be downloadable soon!

TheHater3934d ago

yeah, I cannot wait for the mods for this game.

crazy250003934d ago

ive been calling 4-5 times a day now........and i refuse to get it from gamestop; ima stick to my boycott

blusoops3934d ago

Why don't you try Best Buy or Circuit City...or even ToysRUs...I'm sure one of those has it.

crazy250003933d ago

here we only have walmart

its our circuit city and bestbuy put together i guess lol

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Azures3934d ago

bloodmask posted this? amazing.

sonarus3934d ago

lol i think the xbots have cooled off a bit maybe they are busy playing mass effect...great game by the way. Would be nice if we could all revert back to gamers instead of being fanboys and girls

titntin3934d ago

@sonarus. Bubble for you mate. I play em all and love games. Hate all the hating.. :)

UnblessedSoul3934d ago

It comes with 40 maps !? wow

lynx1halo3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Im still on the fence between this and the Orange Box.......Orange Box for the bargain of 4 games in 1.....or UT3 for the visuals???? ...more than likely getting Orange

the worst3934d ago

they should do what capcom did
drop price to $40
by the way UT3 is fun as warhawk

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The story is too old to be commented.