Twisted Metal Marketing Mod

Using Wire, electrical tape, batteries, LED’s, Solder together with some down right awesomeness, this is what can be achieved.

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LettingGo2315d ago

Looks great! I did a similar thing with an Alan Wake piece for my store. I did everything for that store. Of course, I was promised a key holder position for years and never got it because they hired from outside the company. So, I quit and now work at a much better used game store...Disc Replay. :D

inb4 Coolstorybro

I'm sorry. A job can only screw you over so much before you can't take it. They LITERALLY just set up a new store in town and are laying off the staff of one of the other stores when they easily could have moved some over to the new store. The manager has been with them for twelve years.

Godchild10202315d ago

One of the employees from a gamestop I know is doing the same thing. Can't wait to see what his look Like.

The one shown in the article is a beast and kind of gets me excited for the release.