Two Zeldas for the 3DS? Fake or Real?

Zelda fans across the internet are buzzing about this picture.
The last time Nintendo released two Zelda games was when Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons in 2001. The question is … are they real or fake?
A new update from says that its fake however it has been confirmed that a new 3DS console like Zelda is in development.

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Optical_Matrix2349d ago

Fake. Hi wo prophecy and Aisu wo prophecy make absolutely no grammatical sense in Japanese. Therefore whoever made the logo's has no clue as to how the Japanese language works. Again, it's fake.

Shnazzyone2348d ago

OOOOH, maybe an oracle of ages and seasons style. I would say it isn't impossible. Especially since the two divergent timelines idea is now canon.