Do you regret the time spent, playing games?

Luke writes:

"We all do it, start a game telling ourselves we will just do one mission. The next thing you know your looking at you’re clock, 3 hours have gone by which could’ve been spent doing something else. You may have enjoyed playing the game but in the back of your mind, there is that niggling feeling time has been wasted."

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Oner2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

100% Agree.

If you do then "gaming" is something you should "Grow up" from and stop doing. Not that it's bad...but if you feel ANYTHING is "wasting your time" then you should not do it.

I have been gaming for MANY years...more so than some would see "fit" for anyone (let alone an adult). Yet I don't care who has to say what about it. I'm happy; I have fun; and that is all that matters.

Happiness is important in life <--- Simple as that!

Even though I may lose bubbles to say what I feel is the truth (here on N4G that is) ~ I DON'T CARE.

At the end of the day I am a gamer and no one will EVER change me!

ATi_Elite2345d ago


Actually I don't have enough time to play all my favorite games!

Life has been intruding on my game time and I don't like it not one bit!

spektical2345d ago

honestly, yes.

After putting down the controller when the rush of excitement has gone with the "power off" button, I realize I wasted x amount of time of my life.

Aussiegamer2345d ago

But really though isn't it time you would have just wasted that time doing something else. Like watching tv or a movie or some other activity that you could finish up and think wow what a waste of time.

The way I look at it, if your having fun. Meh, go for it.

h311rais3r2345d ago

What would u have done instead? I play games when I have nothing to do. Games help give me ideas for my film making an planning. But I only play when I'm not busy.

Tai2345d ago

*Looks at meteor heading for Earth*
I've spent my entire life playing videogames.......LIFE WELL SPENT!

sloth33952345d ago

not as long as the game is good


I only regret choosing to play video games when there was something more important to do. I like to get all my responsibilities done so that I may enjoy the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.