GT: London video, cockpit view

Another London video, cockpit view at 60 fps.

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Meus Renaissance3870d ago

This game looks great but I can't say the same about gameplay, for me anyway. I struggle with the turns. Does anyone have any advice how to master turns?

SmokeyMcBear3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

use your brake, and monitor your speed, you know this is a real life driving simulator, you cant negotiate tight turns at 90 mph, use your brake, love your brake

Mungo Jerry3870d ago

Just drive slower, thats my only advice. This is not NFS or PGR. Probably some one who got some better advice and I must say this is much harder than other driving games.

Meus Renaissance3870d ago

I know, I have to slow down, but watching these videos you barely see the car slow down when making those turns. In racing games, the corners are the most important as it is there where often you can over-take so I'm naturally hesitant to get too slow. I'll practice more though. Also, is it better to drive with Manual or Automatic in this game?

Blademask3870d ago

The real problem with most sims. GTR/Rfactor/Live For Speed. Is that you have to realize YOU ARE TRAVELING AT A VERY HIGH RATE OF SPEED. You can't take a turn at 120mph, by SLAMMING on the breaks at the last second. Do this and you will usually just slide off the road. Look for the Turn markers OR the flashing DOWNSHIFT indicator.

I'd suggest "SLOWING" down as opposed to slamming on the breaks, not saying that you do it.. but you just have to treat it that way. thats really the only way to do it. I track-day my car.. if you ever tried to last minute slow down, your car would just end up upside down.

Slow in, fast out. Drifting is pointless as far as getting your times down.

Manual is the best way to drive the cars, that way you can force the slowdown sooner, and you generally have tons more control. You can redline gears as well. The automatic shifts around 2k too early.

Going slower in turns will make you end up going faster later in the laps.

I'd suggest you follow closely the AI cars, and watch for their brake lights.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing all you guys online in feb!

rofldings3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Anyone who uses automatic in any GT game is a child molester =(

But yes, Manual = way to go. You can control which gear you're in for fast take off after you clear the corner - and you can engine brake by down shifting.

Edit: And I can't wait to see you guys online :)

ddldave3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

before you start cornering, slow down you have to drive in the outside before entering the corner, you should already slowed down before you enter, don't brake or step on gas right when you start cornering to the inside. when you reach half-way, accelerate to the outside, it maximizes your speed when entering and exiting corners without understeering and oversteering. haven't you watched formula 1? that's how you corner.

you'll want to master the joystick to control how much you turn the steering wheel or how hard you step on the gas or brake. if not then you got to learn how to tap the gas and brake button while cornering at certain spots.

drifting is slower than turning when you corner, but that's because drifting is more for style rather than race, people usually drift because they like the style and feel of it.

novaIS3503870d ago

Check out this image, the apex is the center the inside of the corner or turn.

hardcorehippiez3870d ago

drift them hold the handbrake and give it some gas, it takes a bit of practice bt youll get the hang of it

ddldave3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

lol @ whoever said hold the handbrake to drift. don't say anything if you don't know anything. you don't hold the handbrake to drift, that's powersliding. FF cars use the handbrake to powerslide because they can't drift, noobies that can't drift will use powerslide as a noob technique to first learn how to drift, but you'll get nowhere doing that. to drift FR cars are most popular, you'll need to shift weight by having all the weight transfer to the front. then your tires will have to be in the opposite direction controlling oversteer and understeer, and gas steadily pressed up and down losing traction, then you'll have to regain stability again.

pwnsause3870d ago

you can always drift thru the corner, thats what I usually do in GT

9 shallow 1 deep3870d ago

-lol, just kidding! do the slow in, fast out method; smooth is fast, fast is smooth. know the weight characteristics of the car you are driving. turn-in a milisec sooner if you always overshoot the corner, a milisec later if you always plow into the inside of the turn. the most important of all is consistency, you'd rather be the most consistent than the fastest.

-i love all racing games. it does not matter which platform it is on.
-favorite racing games: enthusia, gran turismo series, forza series, live for speed, r-factor, motogp series, race driver series, formula 1 series, and more.

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sonarus3870d ago

it sorta depends on the car each car sorta handles turns a little diffrently depending on the weight of the car e.t.c. try driving behind the A.I. and break when they break it helped me get started you sorta knw when your goin to fast to succesfully pull off a turn. Also if you have some sort of racing wheel that also helps takes getting used too but adds to the fun and simulation in the long run and i find it easier to use than the six axis cus six axis isnt as pressure sensitive as brk and gas pedals. I got my wheel a logitech wheel for 80 bucks back when gt4 came out am sure its cheaper now. now i mostly drive with manual transmision so wanna try to upgrade to the other whel but thats 250...could buy a wii with that lol

HarryEtTubMan3870d ago

Damn hes good... Gran Turismo is hard... I'm gonna get good at this one. So I can PWN in the 16 player online races

PirateThom3870d ago

I'm glad to see the improvements, such as the hand moving for gear changes, that wasn't in the demo.

Also, to turn, you really just have to approach the corner and I would tend to tap the footbrake and just use the momentum to carry me round. I can't explain it, I just do it.

Blademask3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

god bless it indeed.


This guy is the worst driver in the world, and this is why GT needs to add penalties for bumping. I'd rather have time penalties than damage at this point. Especially for cutting the track.

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