More Triangles in Games! Love-Triangles, That Is

Kirk Hamilton: I was disappointed with Uncharted 3 for a number of reasons. Certainly one of those reasons was that the game had bizarre difficulty spikes and could be kind of a dick sometimes. But another, possibly bigger reason was that while Uncharted 3 generally mirrored the pacing and story-arc of Uncharted 2, it lacked one of my favorite things about its predecessor: Chemistry. Specifically, the romantic chemistry born of the love-triangle between Nathan Drake, Chloe, and Elena. More love-triangles in games, please!

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Tainted Gene2378d ago

I like how they mention Bioware's older games such as Jade Empire. What the author probably didn't know is that if your character was savvy enough you could romance both love interests (the Princess and Dawn Star).

I was pleasantly surprised that a three way was even possible. They need to make a sequel to that game. And a real KOTOR 3 as well (not TOR).

Nac2378d ago

KotOR 3 my friend. All the way...