Roundtable: The PlayStation Vita’s Launch, Starting Lineup and Competition

Sony’s next generation handheld, the PlayStation Vita, launches on February 22nd of this year in North America and Europe. Sony has recently announced the launch titles, game pricing, and memory card pricing details for the handheld — all of which are extremely important in determining the success of a console’s launch. How will these details affect Vita? The PSLS staff formed a roundtable to offer our readers our answers to questions about that very subject. - PSLS

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knifefight2194d ago

Betting this one will be the reverse of the PSP, at least in the first year or so. The PSP sold (and sells) boatloads in Japan, but abroad, nowhere nearly as well. It seems like the Vita will be the other way around. Could be wrong of course. I guess we'll know for sure later this year.

T3mpr1x2194d ago

Yeah the launch lineup really seems to be catered to Western audiences, which is a surprise especially when the handheld first arrived in Japan.

stormeagle62194d ago

That's an interesting theory. Sony neglecting its home country to push greater profits overseas. I wonder if it's a calculated decision on their part.

darthv722194d ago

considering it has been widely believed that Europe is a stronger territory for PS brand than the US and JP. I can actually see them doing that.

ps3dude442194d ago

The PlayStation Vita’s Launch, Starting Lineup and Competition

There's competition for this beast?

Snookies122194d ago

Well, the 3DS is doing fairly well now. However I do agree this thing is a monster, and I can't wait to get one of my own at launch. I honestly couldn't care less who "wins" the handheld war in terms of sales, I know I'll be happy with this purchase regardless. ^^

PLAYER50952194d ago

eh. ill stick with my go!

eferreira2194d ago

lol I like my go too but ive never heard someone say that before

darthv722194d ago

is that he didnt say he would stick to a nintendo portable. Still got lots of disagrees for sticking to a "GO".

I wonder if it would be the same had he said "PSP"?

LostTokens2194d ago

Really, I just hope the Vita doesn't get a negative reputation like the PSP seems to have gained. I personally enjoy my little wide-screen wonder, even when few games are trickling down.

darthv722194d ago

if there was one then maybe it was due to price? or being really delicate?

I have to admit that I dont let my kids play mine because I know how much it cost and how they treat their DS's. Those things get tossed around and have scratches on the screens but my original 1001 as well as GO are in mint condition.

rexbolt2194d ago

i think the vita will do well in the west to be honest. despite its lackluster sales in japan. but if it does do bad in the US there is going to be some issues were talking about a official price drop making them sell at even more of a loss.

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