Redbox: The Pros and Cons for Gamers

Vex of TLR writes "In reality, to be such a new company at game rentals they aren’t doing too bad. Like any business they have a couple of things to learn"

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Retroboss2289d ago

Thats crap dude. Redbox would let something happen like that? Im glad family video is across the street from me.

Magnus2288d ago

I use to rent video games till block buster went under. Cheap price for a game that was marketed to be a great title but flopped big time like Duke Nukem I rented that and was out 10 instead of 60 bucks. The Redbox is just establishing themselves and they are brand new so they have bugs to work out least its a guy who speaks english for customer service instead of talking to an east indian who barely speaks english and is hard to understand. I just go to the new video store to rent the game i think might be interesting to play. And I buy the titles of games I want.

kma2k2288d ago

Ive been a gamefly user for going on two years, gamefly is a lot cheaper than redbox $2 per day. I on average finish 1 game per week & it cost around $0.80 per day thats more than half the price. Just FYI

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