EA: New Battlefield will "change the way you play shooters"

Battlefield: Bad Company will change the way we play games, according to EA. GamePro speaks with Kerl-Magnus Troedsson, the senior producer for February's Battlefield: Bad Company.

GamePro: Bad Company uses destructible environments, but how do they affect strategy and gameplay?

Kerl-Magnus Troedsson: I've said this before and some people are skeptical but the tactical destruction in Battlefield: Bad Company will change how you play shooters. It fundamentally changes how the second to second action between players plays out. E.g. there is no more cover. An enemy shooting at you in a window and then taking cover behind the wall when reloading can be taken out by tearing down the whole wall. All you need is the right tool for the job. Tanks can drive through forests and hence stay off mine littered roads. Stay tuned for the demo to get some hands on experience to see what I mean.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3870d ago

I hope they don't ruin it like they did in Battlefield 2142

SabreMan3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

i'm not sure what you mean by that as BF2142 was an exeptional game Titan mode is fantastic, i have had many an happy hour dominating the skies in my Gunship

i gave up pc gaming a few months ago but loved BF2142, however i didn't like BF2 not sure why i just didn't get along with it, besides i was to busy playing Cod2 with my Rifle only clan

JsonHenry3870d ago

Change how we play? You mean you are letting console only gamers use a keyboard and mouse?

CRIMS0N_W0LF3870d ago

BF2142 was more like a mod then a new game. While It was good it was disappointing.


My BF2 Stats:

My BF2142 Stats:

SabreMan3870d ago

heres my BF2142 stats, i am particularly proud of the Gunship K/D ratio
i was at one sage in the top 50 in the world

solar3870d ago

see, i loved 2142. its so fun jumping in the back of someone's jeep, throw an emp grenade down, watch them lose steering and run over teammates :D

you guys and your K/D ratios. pfffftt! do what i do, run out there like an idiot! its more fun that way :D oh, i was ranked 33 with the shotty before i stopped trying for the top 10. i know i couldve made it...

im friends with guys in the BiT clan...they are good guys.

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Relcom3870d ago

Don't get me wrong i love battlefield but Doesn't every shooter claim this? I hope its true though battlefield is one of my favorite games

metallbizkit3870d ago

Heh, I was thinking the same thing. Always something like "revolutionary gameplay" or "sets a new bar for games."

rushbd3870d ago

I hope that dont mess up the PS3 version.

Very opmistic thing to hope with EA.

but everything is destructible. that should play interesting

ygxbrayzie3870d ago

I'm not a fan of fps in fact i dislike them but COD 4
change my mind it was awesome i was into it...i hope this one will do the same :)

devilhunterx3870d ago

in every match, you destroy every single building in the first 2 minutes, and then play on a flat land...brilliant

fresco3870d ago

i was thinking the same.. it will probably take a ton of firepower to take down a whole structure or they'll just limit the type of amo/weapons that can destroy bldgs.

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