A Perfectionist’s Take on “Flower”

Polian Studios: "Last semester I was stressed out and had to take multiple exams on the same day. I was interested in looking into some relaxing games. As soon as I had finished all my exams I went to visit Alex, he had to go somewhere so he set up his PS3 for me, and had me try out Flower, a seemingly simple game made by ThatGameCompany."

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JoGam2377d ago

Oh K, but did he just say he never played the PS3 before? Who is this guys again?

FACTUAL evidence2376d ago

lmao was about to say the same thing. He's a weirdo in my book! xD

coolasj2376d ago

Why does this stuff get by again?

tarbis2376d ago

Thatgamecompany should put Flower on the PSV too. With PSV's better sixaxis and gyros, playing flower will be a blast.