The Top 7... Amazing video game maps that do more than just show the way to go

Gamesradar: The two purposes of a game map are to show you which direction you should be heading towards and more importantly, to indicate which area you’re yet to loot for power-ups and collectibles.

But some maps are made with so much love and serve up so many with original ideas that they deserve to be listed alongside the game’s bullet-points on the back of the box. Or at least detailed in a special online journalistic list-article comprising an arbitrary number of entries. Say… seven? Yeah, let’s go with seven.

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STK0262343d ago

Hmmm, I believe Saints Row had the GPS (and it worked pretty nicely too) before GTA did. An otherwise very nice list, although I would have added the Rainbow Six map(s) (from previous RS games), as it was nice to plan everything from the map and hope it works out nicely.

bergoo2343d ago

totally agree, I miss those map planning days of rouge spear and raven shield