The Great Divide

Over the course of it's series, there have been many issues notified to the powers that be, whether that be Infinity Ward or Treyarch regarding certain flaws in their games. This isn't unlike games such as Dead Island or Skyrim, two mere examples that also took some tweaking.

This article however is referring to SledgeHammer's Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, which has once again beat sales records the world round, yet still has one basic flaw still seen by keen gamers which is known as latency.

Latency is used to retard the video shown to a gamer using a high speed broadband connection when their online speed could be used as an advantage against a gamer on a much slower connection. Lets say their characters both walk round a corner and come face to face, the idea would be that they can see each other at the same time, regardless of connection speed so can react at the same time and the best man wins.

The problem is, due to the massive increases in online gaming speeds, a gr...

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