MuchDifferent aims to set world record with 1000 player FPS

ButtonMasher:Game developer MuchDifferent has set their sights extremely high for their latest project; the 1000 player First Person Shooter. The game is dubbed "Man vs. Machine." As far as we can tell, Man vs. Machine will only be played on one day, for the soul purpous of acquiring the World Record for most players in a First Person Shooter game.

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ATi_Elite2321d ago

What's the point of this when Planetside 2 has already CONFIRMED it will be 1000 vs. 1000 on any given battlefield.

Not too mention a much better game with vehicles and interactive forts.

BtnMshrTV2321d ago

Think though, this is a free game. How do you beat that? I'm interested to see what the weapons and gameplay will look like.

admiralthrawn872320d ago

Planetside 2 is free to play

LightofDarkness2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Fingers crossed for getting into that Planetside 2 beta...

Plus, player counts don't make it fun; if any thing, they make it chaotic and disorganized. 1000 players REQUIRES a strategic chain of command to be present. There has to be a few "general" types with a top down view of the action giving the orders to squads, with penalties for disobedience (you know, like a real military). Otherwise it'll become "let's all go to the middle and throw grenades!"

ATi_Elite2319d ago

I take it that you have never played Planetside 1.

Even with BF3 and it's modded 128 player maps that have a high level of chaos but coordination and team work is the same as 64 player but just more chaos and no periods of not shooting.

identify target priority such as armor or forts (Planetside), destroy them, check your flanks, protect your assets, push the enemy back, and gain resources.

different load-outs and soldier classes will determine what your team needs to do to be successful.

you don't need some clown barking orders cause everyone has a map gets sitrep info......unless your playing Nuclear Dawn!!

Pikajew2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

It would be fun to play that.

admiralthrawn872320d ago

cool idea, i always wanted a game where 2 massive armies charge each other. but unfortunately, planetside 2 is right around the corner. Also they say the current record holder is mag with 256? Planetside 1?

LightofDarkness2320d ago

Planetside had the ability to support 1000 players, apparently. I don't think matches that large occurred more than a handful of times, though.