Final Fantasy XIII-2 – A Fantasy Too Far? Has my time as a Final Fantasy RPG fan, come to an end?

GTD writes: In my very first article for, I mentioned how Final Fantasy 7 was the first game that reduced me to tears, much to the mockery of some of my co-writers, but those who truly experienced the Final Fantasy franchise understands just how good a story the tell, how they are able to pull at your heartstrings.

Since Final Fantasy 7 I have fallen in love with Square’s masterpiece.

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Ranma12258d ago

To quote the article "Has my time as a Final Fantasy RPG fan, come to an end?"

Every FF fan has to think about that. Can you still be a fan of a series who see latest games you dont like no more?

iamtehpwn2258d ago

Why in the world do you keep submitting these articles, Ranma1? If you hate Final Fantasy that much, stop talking about it.

Rainstorm812258d ago

Being a former fan, and seeing the series fall from grace..IMO... would make a person more vocal in their discontent

iamtehpwn2258d ago

@Rainstorm, I've been a Final Fantasy fan almost all my life. Sure I'm disappointed with the series direction as of late, but even so, you can only whine about it so much. XIII-2 looking to be a much better game, Type-0 said to be incredible and Versus XIII looking to be quite excellent, the whole scenario isn't nearly as much doom and gloom as some fans say it is.

Vynzent2258d ago

He hates what it has become, he doesn't hate Final Fantasy.

Don't we all have the right to our opinion?

FACTUAL evidence2258d ago


Are you serious?.....13-2 looking to be a much better game? *face palm* No wonder devs milk the un-milkable and find a way to milk more.

GraveLord2258d ago

The guy is obviously extremely obsessed with Final Fantasy. He trolls it at every chance he gets.

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Godmars2902258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

I'm a former fan in that I wish I'd missed the 13th entry like I plan to give XIII-2 a pass. Am very concerned about vsXIII if only from Square's constant bad show of faith, and yet plan on giving it a chance when actual solid looking news starts to filter from their PR spin machine.

And as someone who's on your side of this crap, who's been a fan of the series since FF1, I have to agree with iamtehpwn:

You really need to tone down the hate, stop submitting stories like this, if only for yourself. If Sqaure manages to get their s**t back together chances are you'll be ragging on them too much to notice.

And yes, in self-admitting hypocrisy, I approved this story if only to approve it. Hope the people who read it, as well as this, get the hate out of their system.

Megaman_nerd2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Story is not just hate, the author says that he loves FFXIII and he even tries to defend its linearity by saying that FFVII was linear too because there were certain places that you couldn't go while on the first disc.

It is only at the end that the author comes saying that he doesn't like FFXIII-2 because it has QTEs. XD

Ranma12258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

I fell in love with FF, when i played FF10

Too bad after that the series started going downhill

Rainstorm812258d ago

Good thing FFX is getting a remake/remaster that will probably be my last FF unless versus 13 surprises me

Optical_Matrix2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Series started to go downhill...well..never..FXII was a fantastic game and was one of the most evolved JRPG's I've ever played. People sat it played itself, but like FFXIII, auto-battle/gambits could be taken off and only then would you realise that the games combat had a huge tactical layer beneath it.

Let me now also take into account the story which actually, DID have character development but it wasn't a pivotal part of the plot like previous FF games, because FFXII's plot was actually more about Ivalice as a world, hence the grand scale story of war and politics.

That was a rant, but I'm almost certain that half the people who complain about the Final Fantasy series these days are extremely new to the franchise. I'm almost certain. They troll FFXIII articles as if they have something to prove and let me tell you lot now. NO, hating on FFXIII doesn't make you the biggest Final Fantasy fans out there. You guys are by in large pathetic trolls. FFXIII wasn't great, but I've played worse RPG's this generation.

KeybladeMaster2258d ago

I have been a fan of the Final Fantasy series since VI and let me tell you that I didn't like Final Fantasy XIII. Am I a troll? No I am just a fan with an opinion.

And yes while I have played worst RPG's this gen I have played way better. That's the reason fans are so upset. Because they have played better Final Fantasy games. They just want Final Fantasy games to have good gameplay, great stories and likable characters. Is that too much to ask for?

Outside_ofthe_Box2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

I liked 12. I don't get why people hate on that. I never used the auto battle feature so I couldn't hate it even if I wanted to. I agree that the story of 12 wasn't as good as past FF games but that doesn't mean it was bad. If you expect every FF game to be another 6, 7, or 10 then you'll be disappointed every time.

FF13 in my opinion is utter trash though. The game was linear as hell. I seriously felt like I was playing uncharted with rpg elements. I also hated the battle system. As for the story I didn't care for it at all. I finished the game, but I wasn't immersed with the story.

I also hate the fact that SE made FF13-2. No one begged them for a sequel yet they insisted that the fans asked for it. This tells me that they planned 13-2 all along and 13-3 too. This is a slap in the face to those that hated 13. Seriously why are you making a sequel to game where the majority of your fanbase don't give a sh** about the story?

Despite all that I do applaud SE for taking a step forward (FINALLY!) with FF13-2. I won't be buying the game, but I was impressed with how much more enjoyable the battle system was than 13. This gives me hope that VS13 will be great as well as future FF titles.

C L O U D2258d ago

Who else seen the ending to XIII-2?

If you haven't prepared to get trolled

Inception2258d ago

I did. To be continued in FF XIII-3 XD

Vynzent2258d ago

Square needs to stop at the damn franchise already.

How many FF's will there be? 100,000?
Start remaking already.

Square's run out of ideas, and all they can do is refreshen the old ones, introduce them to a new audience. Otherwise their great titles will fade away with time...

Leonesaurus2258d ago

It's not like they're abusing the same mechanics, characters and storyline the same time, over and over. Each game is a whole new world, with all new characters, gameplay mechanics, mini games, side quests, stories, etc.

If anything, each one is almost like an entirely different game or franchise in itself. To be honest, the fact they CAN go that many titles and still be that creative is pretty refreshing.

The Resident Evil series, that's understandable with a statement like that. Metal Gear Solid, maybe. Mario also. Catch my drift?

They're all great games, but keep on refreshing old mechanics and bringing in new things each time. But they're all great games none the less.

Final Fantasy offers something almost completely original each type, despite the fact they're all turn-base, Japanese RPGs.

As long as they keep bringing in new, cool ideas and keep things fresh, let them keep making games. I'm enjoying them and so are many others.

Da One2258d ago

"a perfect 40/40[Famitsu] mark, something which only 17 other games have received including Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim so it can’t be a bad game. In fact it could be argued it is an excellent game."

I think i know the authors problem...

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