Red Dead Developer Hiring For an “Open World” Title

Red Dead Redemption was a smash hit when it released back in early 2010, topping the charts and blowing critics away. Now, PSLS’ve uncovered a job listing from the game’s developer, Rockstar San Diego, that shows that they are working on a new open world game with combat and pathfinding elements. - PSLS

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Trexman892195d ago

In other news, Rockstar looking for cougar for motion capture

doctorstrange2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Sounds like an interesting game

da_2pacalypse2195d ago

Rockstar making an open world game? NO WAY :O

Rainstorm812195d ago

Come on Red Dead Revolution

Sev2195d ago

RDR is one of my favorite game/game worlds of all time. I hope they make more.

Kran2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Good title for a third red dead game ;D Hope they use it

NYC_Gamer2195d ago

wish R* vancouver would give us another bully

doctorstrange2195d ago

Would be brilliant, but sadly I don't think it'll happen :(

DaveMan2195d ago

The composer accidently leaked that he was working on the track for Bully 2.

Plus Rockstar Vancouver said it would love to work on a sequel after Max payne 3 ships.

So I'm pretty sure we'll see a sequel before this gen ends

Rainstorm812195d ago

Yes bully was very underrated last gen, Manhunt was a great (super violent) stealth game but we most likely wont ever see another one of those, not to mention the 2nd one wasnt that great.

Kran2195d ago

You say last gen, but Bully is on the xbox 360 so it does still sneak into this gen.

BattleTorn2195d ago

I wish R* Vancouver would post 'tester' positions!!

spacedelete2195d ago

would love to have Bully 2 or Manhunt 3 but i doubt we will. would love them to go on the ps store as PS2 classics though.

Rainstorm812195d ago

I agree a PS2 classic Manhunt for 10$ would be great, but Bully would have to be a port of the Scholarship edition on 360, because i want my trophies

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The story is too old to be commented.