Best Worst Games Fails Of 2011

Hufftington Post: *Warning: Strong Language*.

The most popular fails on the YouTube channel, and therefore some of the greatest gaming fails for 2011, include the weird, swinging horse attached to a cart in Skyrim and the same game's sky-bound sabre tooth kitty.

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acemonkey2286d ago

funny....some good ones

Septic2286d ago

Haha that is brilliant. Just finished playing Halo Reach- great game.

Man this video has just made me order Just Cause 2. That game looks like too much fun.

acemonkey2286d ago

yeah i didnt play halo reach but that mine was funny as hell and so was the dude shooting that one guy lol......JC2 i have but havent played it......might rebuy it for the ps3 so i can upload it to my youtube channel