PS3, Xbox 360 consoles haven't saturated the U.S. yet, argues Pachter

GameZone writes, "Many seem to believe the current generation of consoles have reached market saturation in United States. Almost every household these days has one, two, or maybe all three of the current gen of consoles - resulting in a lack of hardware sales. While that very well could be the case, video game analyst Michael Pachter thinks otherwise."

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-Mika-2380d ago

Everytime i hear the word saturated. I think of wesker.

Snookies122379d ago

Every time I see the Matrix I think of Wesker...

Army_of_Darkness2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Everytime I see the name snookies, I think of jersey shore. .. Anywho' the main people that complaint about next gen taking to long to come are mainly pc gamers(so who cares about them since I doubt that they have a console anyways) and a few gaming sites(who cares again cause they never effected my buying habits in the first place). Besides, I still have a lot of games to catch up on and I'm in no hurry to fork out another $400.

Snookies122379d ago

Hate Jersey Shore, my name came before that dammit! Lol

darthv722379d ago

you can tell people that but they will think otherwise. Like in the movie office space. Michael Bolton said "his name was a good name until that no talent ass clown started winning grammy's"

OhMyGandhi2379d ago

every time I see Wesker, I think of Nathan Lane being blown out of a chimney in "Mouse Hunt".

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Soldierone2379d ago

I don't know of a single person that WOULD buy a PS3 or Xbox that has yet to do so.

I know of maybe 2 or 3 people that say they will eventually, but they said that about ever console and handheld that ever released.

jp_footy22379d ago

A lot of people who own Xbox 360 will migrate over to the PS3.

hellvaguy2379d ago


No they wont. They will either either wait for the next gen consoles, buy a WiiU, or go PC gaming.

jp_footy22379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Depends if they will want to play the Last of Us, God of War 4, Starhawk, Twisted Metal, Agent, The Last Guardian, etc...

darthv722379d ago

it goes the other way too. Those who bought into the ps3 are starting to buy into the 360 because the price and game selection. Same with those who bought into a 360 are starting to buy into a ps3.

Prices and game library are at a point where there is justification to buy another system and its games. I am one of those types of gamers. I may start out at the beginning of a console gen with one but by the middle to the end I have them all and the key games for each.

You can only sit on the fence for so long before you start to be the only one sitting there. Your friends have all climbed down and picked up what they were holding out for and moved on.

honkyjesus2379d ago

They don't want to play Last of Us. A Twisted Metal reboot by the biggest gaming asshole ever, David Jaffe? Starhawk, nope. That being said, I own a PS3 and 360. I love the ability to play God of War games, Uncharted games and some great HD collections. If The Last Guardian isn't vaporware, that too.

gamingdroid2379d ago

I don't think there is a lot of conversion between PS3 and Xbox 360 in either direction. The growth has to come from casual audience.

Most of them likely hasn't bought a HD console yet and Kinect is a way to get them to buy a Xbox 360.

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iamtehpwn2379d ago

Actually, More of the "less established" gamers as well as Casuals gamers begin to buy into consoles as their lifespan gets closer to its second half/end because the prices are much more affordable to them, and there is more diversity to the library and at an affordable cost.

Thats why Ps3 and 360 both continue to do fairly good numbers for both companies.

Dlacy13g2379d ago

ding ding ding... we have a winner!

Just look at the PS2 sales to understand how this can work. 6yrs into the life of the PS2 it was still pulling crazy numbers and price cuts continued to help the PS2 do big numbers each year for another solid 3yrs.

price cuts this year will do wonders for sales to the more casual market for the 360 and PS3.

darthv722379d ago

because its cheap and disposable if it breaks. Parents are more willing to commit to buying an under $100 system and games than one that costs $200+. That wont be the case for long because prices of current systems will dip below $199 and even lower to $149 or lower still.

The perception of the once mighty $600 hardware going for less than $150 changes the tone and makes it more mass market appeal. Now if they can do the same thing with those $60+ games.

MultiConsoleGamer2379d ago

Holiday Sales figures in NA say otherwise, Mr Pachter.

Keep that corner office open for me.

GraveLord2379d ago

Forget holiday sales. Look at worldwide sales. Both PS3 and Xbox 360 had record years. They're still growing.

RememberThe3572379d ago

Why would we forget the US, when he's talking specifically about the US?

RememberThe3572379d ago

Oh, I read that wrong. haha

Maybe you have a point here. If more people are buying consoles throughout the year it would make sense that sales would drop during the holidays.

DrFUD2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

MultiConsoleGamer, wanna bet half of Microsoft's holidays sales were repeat customers?

I'll bet you a 12 pack of beer and a greasy pizza that the "majority" of 360 sales lifetime are "repeats" ranging from 1) basic replacements 2) upgraded to limited editions 3) upgraded to newer hardware 4) replacements of limited editions and newer hardware.

Ever wonder why 3rd party 360 game sales are never "millions" more like the install base is supposed to be? LOL And PS3 owners have more game choices to boot.

hellvaguy2379d ago

Is this what your magical crystal ball that looks into the heart and souls of every buyers thoughts and desires told you? gtfo

kaveti66162379d ago

It's easy to make bets when you know your claims can't be invalidated.

PetitPiPi2379d ago

DrFUD is showing his intelligence once again. SMH. lmao

darthv722379d ago

same could be said of the PS3 as well. My friends launch 60gb YLOD and he was torn between paying sony the $150 to fix/replace or just buy a new slim. He bought a new slim AND still has his 60gb unit.

So in his PS3 case it was 1) basic replacement. No doubt others bought another PS3 for the same reason but also there were those who bought 2) upgraded limited editions, 3) upgraded newer hardware, 4) replacements to limited / newer hardware. AND 5) they just wanted another one in the house.

I myself have 2 360's for that #5 reason and will get a 2nd PS3 for the same. Nothing wrong with having more than one in the house.

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OcularVision2379d ago

Anything related to Pachter should never be posted on this site. He just speculates with no real evidence, and ALL of his guesses are wrong or waaaay off.

honkyjesus2379d ago

Pachter on the Internet is oversaturated.

Boody-Bandit2379d ago

Something tells me your oversaturated with accounts on this site. 5 yr old account and you just started using it this week? How in the hell did you even remember the password?

Just saying

Boody-Bandit2379d ago

So far that's 3 accounts. Don't you remember where you left the passwords for all your others?

honkyjesus2376d ago

No idea what you are talking about. I started an account five years to wait for the opportunity to jump on Pachter? What do you mean by three accounts? Just being brutally honky.

That's pretty stalky on your part, I hate making new accounts as all sites should use Disqus or social app linkage. I used a username and password I usually use, didn't know it was created that long ago, but thanks.

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