GameSpot: Tom Clancy's EndWar Hands-On and Screens

Real-time strategy is not a genre designed for standard console controllers, and past attempts to bring PC-based RTS mainstays like Starcraft and Command & Conquer to consoles have met with varying levels of success. Ubisoft's Shanghai studio will circumvent that problem by designing Tom Clancy's EndWar from the ground up on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. EndWar is a near-future strategy game that retains the core combat tenets of the genre, with rock-paper-scissors unit balance and a resource model that ties directly into your battlefield performance. But the controls -- especially the game's impressive voice-control system -- will make the game more accessible than past console strategy efforts, if Ubi Shanghai is successful in meeting its goals.

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MK_Red3847d ago

This is Ubisoft's first in-house RTS if I'm not mistaken. They did publish a few but never developed one.
The screens look decent but I'm still not fully impressed.

iceice1233847d ago

I thought this was going to be an MMORTS. Where we're playing on a server and pick a side from those three and try to conquer the world. Guess I expected too much. Still sounds good though.

Edwin19893847d ago

pretty good screens! since this is a not-final build it can only get better! :D