Battlefield 3 Core Gameplay Designer Leaves BF3

@BattlefieldLOG - "Today, the Battlefield 3 Core Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz aka 'Demize99' tweeted that he will no longer be part of the Battlefield 3 team. But he adds, "And no, I'm not leaving DICE. Just departing from the team that's still diligently working on BF3" to make sure no one gets confused that he is leaving DICE."

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littlemac2286d ago

Sad. But cant wait to see what he is working on!!! :)

MariaHelFutura2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Battlefield 4 for the next-gen systems.

Ethereal2286d ago

Mirror's Edge 2 PLEASE!!!

3GenGames2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Don't need to design a game that's 99% done, makes sense. Maybe they're moving him to the dino hoard development team. ;D

sllshrm2286d ago

But that still comes under BF3

I think they are shifting focus to Mirror's Edge 2

3GenGames2286d ago

Hopefully, although I mean nobody needs a person to give them ideas when the programmers know what's going to happen. It takes a day to create an idea for a whole game, but months to years programming it. Dino mode included. :3 :)

PhantomT14122285d ago


After giving his idea, the designer still have to listen to the feedback of the programmer because his design would be technically unrealizable or not act the way he would have wanted.
As a student working on a little game for our school project, we are pretty close to achieving it but I'm still asking the lead how he wants me to program some behaviors.
Only bad designers say: "Here's my brilliant idea, now good luck programming that, I'm gonna go on vacation".

soundslike2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

anything but Medal of Honor "2"!

Tachyon_Nova2286d ago

A new MoH is already in development at Danger Close, and they are doing the MP as well as the campaign this time around.

SweatyFlorida2286d ago

YES! This is what I want the next in the franchise. No more modern military for a while, it's time for, the FUTURE!

PhantomT14122285d ago

I remember when 5-6 years ago when everybody was like: "no more WW2 games!"^^

Tachyon_Nova2286d ago

I still think Titan mode is the best game mode ever invented. But honestly if 2143 isn't a proper full game then that would be very disappointing. There is so much potential in the 2142 universe to develop the most awesome war scenario ever, so if 2143 is just a 3 map downloadable game like 1943 then that would be a huge shame.

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The story is too old to be commented.