A PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 Are Not A Necessity

From Toasty Controller...

"The original announcement of the PS3 was partnered up with a public statement by Sony regarding the shelf life of the PS3. They called it the "ten year plan", which obviously means they have full intention on supporting the PS3 for the next decade. At first thought, this wasn't taken with a grain of salt; if you're like me, you thought that would mean another ten years before the next Sony console. Once everyone calmed down after the original unveiling, it was understood that we're already in the middle of that same ten year plan with the PS2, which was actually outselling the PS3 six months after the initial launch. You could likely attribute that to the outrageous price of the PS3 at launch, which happened to correlate with the price drop of the PS2 around the same time."

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pucpop2346d ago

it goes a little something like this: release new consoles already!! i enjoy the buzz of new tech

EVILDEAD3602346d ago

We saw this story early last year and most believed the same.

But, I was the one saying what would transpire and it has.

People can pretend all day that new consoles arent needed today, but come next year they will screaming for them.

The author of this article is even saying that in two years they will be a neccessity. Well guess what it is only January of 2012.

Doesnt this guy realize that by Fall/Holiday of 2013 when the 360 makes it into stores that it will be literally 2-3 months shy of two years.

Announcement in June for 720..release 2013..

I hear all of this noise about one dropping out, but Sony won't be too far behind the 360.


pc_masterrace2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

It has everything to do with high-rez textures/1080p 60fps; give me that sony and I won't bother you for another 10 years.

tigertron2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

"A Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 are not a necessity" speak for yourself. Different people want different things. I want next-gen in 2013. I personally believe that current gen consoles are beginning to show their age i.e. majority of games stuck at 720p 30fps etc.

However, this article does make a good point i.e. HD, HDDs, system updates; they hve definately added a few more years to this gen.

Even though this gen feels quite young, it is actually quite old. At the end of this year the 360 will be 7 years old - in 2013 I personally think it would be the best time for next-gen to start; but there are those who are quite fine with current gen consoles for the next few years - and I respect that; but me - I want the next gen to start next year at least.

yabhero2346d ago

But next gen has already confirmed to start late 2012 with 1080 at 60 fps. I don't get the Nintendo hate... NEXT GEN COMES LATE 2012...

dark-hollow2346d ago

this gen is on it final stages.
New ips are trilogies now! (Mass effect, uncharted, gears of war, resistance etc.)

morkendo232346d ago

this gen is on it final stages.
New ips are trilogies now! (Mass effect, uncharted, gears of war, resistance,killzone,gow,biosho ck,skyrim,arkham city etc.)

YEAH, BUT HOW LONG MUST we play those type games over an over an over an over again??? ps3 been out since??? 2006 same freakin games. im dead bored of those type games now.

ilovemyps32346d ago

Developers have little power to make better games: is it possible to make a better uncharted,or forza,or gears,or grand turismo? I don't think so.

At the same time, if we could have 200 new games, until 2013-2014, of the same quality as an uncharted game, or god of war 3, or gears, it would be great, no need to update hardware.

When we think about our 3.2 GHz CPU on our consoles, and they're almost 7 yo, its incredible how time flies. Man, we are 6 years older then the time we bought our new console.

But hardware needs to evolve, we get new generations of tv's every year, the same for AV amplifiers, beamers,etc. 10 years, its quite a long time,in electronics world.

In 2 years, we will be able to buy an ultra slim ps3, for 99, fanless, and play a god of war 4, uncharted 3, killzone 3, motorstorm apocalypse, on our 75" 3d LCD.coool :)

Objective2346d ago

I'm a huge fan of Gears, and frankly I'd like to see a leap in graphics capability and processing engine in the next Gears. Another instalment of Gears or Uncharted at this stagnating level of technology would be sad.

matey2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

WiiU= Watson technology/Custom gpu using the very best most current tech/cpu with 1gig EDRAM unheard of in PC or console basically IBM Watson technology this Console WiiU can get alot more powerful over time you wont get any better graphics than what you will get with WiiU off ps4 even if it landed in 3 years.

Reggie said Graphics on Garden/Zelda demos were 10% of WiiU power and them tech demo's were already twice the best we see on ps3 resolution/graphics/framerate you name it.

yabhero2346d ago

I agree with you just need to update your specs...
the are using a 4-6-8 core Power7 IBM has confirmed it and you can say they'll use a lower because that's the lowest that series goes... 4 cores. The GPU is likely a Radeon 5000 series the eDRAM is expected to be high but not as high as your talking about because is would be huge with 1 GB eDRAM... there I going to be 1-2GB or GDDR5 Ram which is very fast...
the Zelda demos did not use WiiUs full power... it used about half and the unfinished demo kits were still 50 more powerful than PS3.

ilovemyps32346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Thankfully the game looks 2 times better than a ps3 game.ps3 tech were drawn maybe 2- 3 years before its release, which means ps3 hardware is based on stuff 6-7 years old.
If you take today hardware, maybe a cheap CPU and a graphic card, with some value ram,well optimized, maybe we could output the same,or close quality of an average ps3 game.
So, its just normal Wii u beats x360 and ps3.perfectly normal, no surprise. But its a good thing, Nintendo always use old and cheap hardware, so they can sell consoles doing profits,day one. I wouldnt have been surprised if Wii u was actually using 1 gb ram, a 20$ graphic chip, and a Celeron 2ghz,as CPU.

Using special CPUs and chips can only be a good thing for us: since Nintendo won't earn a lot of money with Wii u, this one being more expensive to produce, for attracting more people, they will rely less on hardware,like they did with the first Wii, and will rely more on the software side. THIS means we should have less shovelware, since Nintendo would have to produce big quality titles, so people buy their (more expensive ) console, and more games.

This will translate in more games for us, on pair with ps3 and Xbox quality standards.

So, if even Nintendo is betting on good and powerful hardware, its now even more difficult to imagine which monsters(CPU and gpu) Sony and Microsoft will be using.

Full stereo 3d and 4k displays are making their debuts now, but 2015-2016, 4k should be, perhaps,not the actual standard, but at least, used everywhere,and cheap, next gen consoles will last until 2020, if they show up in 2013.this means that all those techs, like USB 3, 4k display,etc, should be implemented NOW.

My curiosity about ps3/x720 final specs are killing me :)

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