Shock Value: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

DualShockers Writes:" Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 more than proves why the series is the most popular of its kind. The game is loaded with nerve-wrenching, adrenaline rushing action and game-play so tight that it is limitless. The title is a lovely exhibition of stylish, sadistic action. Players take control of Ryu Hayabusa, the ultimate ninja. Ninja factions are fighting each other – and demons – over a demon statue, though a much nastier plot is in place. It’s something if you absolutely must have a reason for dismembering demons, but there is no gripping narrative.

However, I don’t exactly feel comfortable writing this off as a demerit because you don’t really notice it’s missing. Have you ever gone to see a ninja movie for the deep and entertaining plot? Unless you took Kill Bill entirely too seriously or are simply a liar, the answer is no. That isn’t why you’re here either."

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bozebo2287d ago

"the most popular of its kind"
I think DMC kinda has/had that title.

Rainstorm812287d ago

The problem with NG Sigma 2 is the lack of decapitations and the minimal dismemberment in comparison to the 360 version

lodossrage2287d ago

Personally I didn't mind that

You got extra characters to use, 3 extra levels, and an online mode in it's place on the ps3 version.

The tarantino-esque gore is just for show in comparison to the content given on the later version.

jthamind2287d ago

the three extra levels are pointless, and the three extra characters are horribly designed in comparison to Ryu.

also, only about five of the online missions have replay value, and there isn't an option to play alone (meaning no AI). NG2's Mission Mode is a lot better.

most of NGS2's changes and additions are smoke and mirrors because they aren't well implemented. the only change that was clearly made for the better was the graphics. NGS2 definitely has better graphics, i'll give it that.

lodossrage2287d ago

Extra characters and missions pointless or have no replay value you say?

That's your opinion. Not necessarily a fact.

I played, have, and beat both. And to be honest, I'd rather have content over aesthetic.

jthamind2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

what aesthetic are you talking about? i'm talking about gameplay. the weapons' balance and damage was screwed up in NGS2 so that only a couple weapons are viable options (unless you're a master of the game to make up for their crappiness)--every weapon in NG2 was a viable option on any difficulty. they took out a LOT of enemies in NGS2, making it much less difficult and much more boring, and the enemies they did have were too timid. but if they grabbed you in MNM on NGS2, it was usually a one hit kill. and that's balanced? lolno. NG2 was FAR more balanced in damage, yet it was still much more difficult.

and yes, the three extra characters and levels were pointless. they're basically rehashes of Ryu's stages, and the girls aren't nearly as well designed as Ryu. i don't want extra content if the extra content isn't that good.

i've beaten both games on every difficulty level multiple times, and i've beaten every NG2 and NGS2 mission multiple times (1000G in NG2 and platinum in NGS2). i know what i'm talking about, but you honestly sound like you don't. no offense. if you wanna check out my videos from each game.



i agree with you, the gore was part of NG2, and it was definitely awesome. i'm just saying that out of the many changes from NG2 to NGS2, the gore was one of the least important ones imo.

Rainstorm812287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

But gore is part of the game....Kinda like Mortal Kombat back in the day....The SNES version was gimped in comparison to the Genesis version.

Still a great fighting game but not what it was intended to be, Just like NG sigma 2, thats like taking the gore out of GoW....It part of the brutality of the game.

The thing that made it so obvious is that NG Sigma was an improvement and NGS2 was trying too hard to differ from the 360 version, i dont know if it was a deal with MS or what but it happened and if you played NG2 its noticable

EDIT: Damn 4 disagrees for the truth, even worse most of you disagreers probably havent even played both....

lodossrage2287d ago

Yes, because I state my OPINION, I don't know what I'm talking about

Dude, you can sit here and tell me your "proofs" till the end of time and show your youtube videos to high hell. It still has ZERO bearing on my OPINION :)

N4G....where even opinions that have no right or wrong answer can be "considered" wrong lol

Rainstorm812287d ago


Opinions are right in the eyes of the beholder, Facts are concrete

Opinions are designed to be agreed or disagreed with, but Facts are irrefutable......Yet here in N4G land facts are disagreed with because blind bias makes the truth hurt

lodossrage2287d ago


Then I suggest you take that up with those who have a blind bias.

Me, I'm still sticking to my own personal OPINION. And considering this is my last bubble and I don't waste my time on edits or mailing, have a nice one lol.

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jthamind2287d ago

that's actually the least of NGS2's problems. the lack of enemies, the poor and timid AI, and the unbalancing of weapons and damage are NGS2's biggest flaws. yeah, it sucks that all the gore and limbs flying off were gone, but the gameplay nerfs are what really hurt the game.

Vortex3D2287d ago

If you want to play a tougher Ninja Gaiden 2, play X360 version. Several tough boss fight in NG2 Sigma got cut short or made easier.

That's if you find NG2 Sigma too easy on PS3.

Rainstorm812287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

I agree i rented NG sigma 2 and played NG2 at a friends house.

Needless to say i bought NG2 the biggest draw for me with NGS2 was the extra characters and online co-op, but in the end the real experience is on 360.

The sad thing is NG sigma wasnt like that, it was actually an improvement on NG and Ninja Gaiden Black

Vortex3D2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Someone who disagree must have thought PS3 version isn't easy?

Hopefully NG3 is more balanced in difficulty. Cutting NGS2 boss shorter often kept incomplete like the battle ended part way because it is.