Science Ruins Everything: Why The Top Four Games Of Last Year Could Never Work In Real Life

GP: "Cities in the clouds, dragons being shouted to death, and people shooting electricity out of their hands. These are just a few of the many outlandish events that took place in the world of gaming last year.

Applying science to any one of these insane scenarios seems like a pretty stupid thing to do, but we take a look at what these scenarios would be like in real life. Just how far removed from reality are some of these concepts?"

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TrendyGamers2231d ago

Good point about Cole from Infamous.

acronkyoung2231d ago

I would play that version of InFamous.

ps3dude442231d ago

one of the best articles all week.

itz_zombies2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )


jetlian2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

not really true. plenty of electric animals that arent on fire. Why would drakes fingers just break? people sky dive all the time dont end up with broken fingers.

Also terminal velocity can reach 180 mph. 20,000 feet isnt enought to cause most of the problems he listed its actually over 26,000. It is there when you hit death levels on everest.

Same thing happens to divers, going down isn't the problem its going up. coming down is easier than going up.

the shout one seems to be true on the surface. It may not be actual force that defeats the dragon!! Sound waves can disrupt many things or it could be a form of vibration

So most of this article is BS

Hicken2231d ago

I wanna say this was a fun article... but it wasn't.

Of COURSE none of this crap could happen in real life. That's why it's not real life.

Link isn't just some regular person going up supposedly that high into the clouds. And in a world so heavily influenced by magic, there's no guarantee that Skyloft really IS very high; even if it was, it wouldn't take much for there to be some sort of magic that would allow Link to not be affected. Just because it's not detailed doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Cole obviously has some measure of control over his powers, or he'd had burned himself out and melted down every city he ever came across. But he can touch flammable objects without them always bursting into flames, and smaller amounts of water don't affect him, while larger bodies do. So his clothes not being burnt to a crisp at all times isn't surprising.

Stupid analogy using a gun, as people can easily get blown off their feet getting hit by a shotgun, and yet the user isn't tossed the same distance in the opposite direction. Like the things noted above, the shouts in Skyrim aren't based on any rules we use here in the real world, so exactly why would we be trying to bind them by such?

Ah, Drake. Where to begin? No, I won't. Part of the draw to the Uncharted franchise is Drake surviving things he SHOULDN'T survive. Why not mention the giant spider things? Or the Cintamani Stone from UC2? Oh, because then you'd have to admit there's more going on in Drake's world than in ours, and so you'd have to rethink whether or not anything else followed our rules, as well.

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