Beyond the crosshairs: Audio cues and how to shift the player's focus

It's easy to concentrate on the few pixels inside your target reticle. Subtle use of popular music can shift a player's focus and dramatically change a game experience.

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THR1LLHOUSE2347d ago

I'll love any article that discusses the greatness of the moment in Red Dead Redemption when you first get to Mexico.

So incredibly great.

Oschino19072347d ago

Hahaha would love to have some 80's montage music going when I am on streaks in Modern Warfare. Who wouldn't love some eye of the tiger or the song from karate kid when you're kicking ass and taking names "your the best around, no ones ever gonna take you down...". Follow that up with a price is right fail song or slow trumbone for when you die.

K3nji2347d ago

I think you are onto something here...=D

GraveLord2347d ago

I love how in MW3 if your bullet connects to an enemy there's a distinct sound. Was that in MW2 as well?

That easter egg in Gears 3 sounds really interesting. I think more games should include stuff like that.

ilovemyps32347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Maybe its still forbidden, but one day, they will start to put some subliminal sounds,frequencies, that will stimulate this or that.maybe the use of some colors, along with some frequencies, and some objects, will make you think you want to eat, or drink, or play another game.

Maybe we'll get subliminal subframes, hidden on some 3d ghosting effect,with a texture/picture of a game box, that will make you play mass effect 5, if you are playing mass effect 4. In-game subliminal advertising, that only people who would have bought a certain dlc would be able to see, or hear.

No, no drugs or alcohol,these last months ^^