An Amazing Battlefield 3 LAV Jump

Bacon After Dark has come across this amazing Battlefield 3 Lav jump on YouTube.

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OcelotRigz2079d ago


You gotta love this game for its outrageous moments, it makes every game a new experience.

Cosmit2079d ago

It feels the same to me.

OcelotRigz2079d ago

What do you want me to do, cry?

isarai2079d ago

I honestly don't know how Dice creates such a formula that allows so many unique and memorable moments, as a future game developer myself, i'm fucking taking notes

Elwenil2079d ago

Eh, while all these stunt vids are cool, the staged vids like this are no where near as cool as the stuff that just happens during regular gameplay.

isarai2079d ago

True, and with the structure and hectic nature of BF3 this could be very likely to happen randomly in a match

sllshrm2078d ago

I loved the last clip more than the whole jump

leogets2078d ago

Very old seen this clip before im sure.

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