Zynga's raid on EA's executives and developers has been relentless and effective.

The hiring of Barry Cottle, just underscored the escalating rivalry between Zynga and Electronic Arts.

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Megaton2253d ago

I might start playing FarmVille just because Zynga is sticking it to EA.

ATi_Elite2253d ago

Just a bunch of Execs looking for a pay raise.

Eventually all this Zynga hooplah will peak and begin to fall.

they need to expand their games to other platforms such as iOS.

Other than that in a year or two these same Execs will be begging EA for their jobs back

Soldierone2253d ago

Why? Zynga at this point is way worse than EA ever was. They started the whole "Oh yeah play it for long as you allow us to nickel and dime you the entire time!"

Then you can go and say any word and add "ville" to the end and its probably a Zynga game. They are not sticking it to anyone, they are proving why casual games are stupid trends and creating a business structure actual gamers hate.

No I'm not saying some of their games are not cool or good, I like playing Poker, but come on. EA is the lesser of two evils here.

MagicGamer2253d ago

Yeah the money Zynga has been throwing around is crazy, but it's getting the talent. It just won't set well with investors right away. Its to soon following their IPO and they haven't even gotten back to that amount on the market.

rdgneoz32253d ago

Yep, starting at $10 a share, and finished Friday at $8.82. Also, when I read for one of the guys "sports game development ", my first thought was NBA Elite 11...

BornCursed2253d ago

Whats with all the hate for EA and love for those lame Facebook games?
Have I died and gone to house wife hell? Next you will be saying soap operas
Are better than spike tv. Wow.

BornCursed2253d ago

Oh yeah, dont ever think Facebook games can over take games from companies like EA. The only reason they have so many players is because there are so many moms and grandmothers on facebook feeding their pigs on Farmville.

MagicGamer2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Well I can't disagree with you on the older crowd being on the facebook games. I do however really believe that mobile gaming and games that are tied directly to social networking like facebook are just now beginning to get going. We haven't seen anything yet.

Soldierone2253d ago

I think we are seeing it all right now. It's at its peak, and they will keep pushing it until they fall. I think right now is where it will lie steady, but a lot of things will be killed off by their greed too.

Look at how many times Zynga failed recently. Mafia War 3? Diner Dash I think it was? They were breaking headlines because people hated their nickel and dime motives and were leaving "ville" behind.