Sony's Big Sale 12 For 12 Fully Revealed

Full list of games that go on sale tomorrow. Some are a great deal, especially for plus members

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Gator_ESG2193d ago

I would get dungeon defenders at least if you don't have it.

JoGam2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Its on tomorrow. I see a few Im getting. At first I thought it was 12 games for $12. I was like OMG!

Oh and Starhawk beta? Tomorrow's games is a early Bday present to me.

Rainstorm812193d ago

Starhawk beta, U3 DLC and now this....Looks like this tuesday update is going to be pretty good

Larry L2193d ago

More delicious discounts. I swear my Plus subscription is the best $50 I've ever spent. The constant stream of games I'm guaranteed every month alone keep me more than happy, but great discounts like these on games I otherwise wouldn't consider paying for (Dungeon Defenders), or would have had to pay full price for (Mortal Kombat Kollection) is just icing on an already delicious cake. Good for developers too. Hell, Scary Girl is now getting a full retail game release because the free from Plus Scary Girl mini game was so awesome it got people's attention.

This is a great week. I'm getting the StarHawk beta, Uncharted DLC, Gran Turismo 5 DLC and I'm going to buy Dungeon Defenders and MK Arcade Kollection.

Colwyn2193d ago

Awesome deal. Ps plus is really worth it

lodossrage2193d ago

I'm happy with these deals. I actually want about seven games on that list.

But I have bills coming up so I'll probably get 2, 3 games tops out of it.

Plus sure has saved me a bunch of money when I think of most of the games I bought off psn since the day I joined it.

Giru0172193d ago

Payday for cheaper-than-Steam-sale price? Hell yeah! ($9.79 for PSN+ VS $9.99 during Steam sale). MK:AK for $4.89? SOLD!