Weekly Rant: Weak Xbox LIVE Security

It seems like everyone is being hacked these days. With everything from the string of ‘FIFA hacks’ on individual Xbox LIVE Gamertags to hacker group Anonymous’ attack on Sony, no one is safe.

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AgentWD402372d ago

Since when was xboxlive hacked, I thought it was a select few who fell for a scam.

GribbleGrunger2372d ago

i'm afraid that misconception has been well and truly exposed for what it is. this is the one time that MS just hasn't been able to bury it.

Godmars2902372d ago

If people's access to XBL has become compromised, if their information can be gained through that link weather it is active or inactive, then you have to consider that XBL has been compromised.

Hackers aren't directly raiding MS's databases, pulling out credit card info on a whim, but in many regards they may as well be doing just that.

This falls on EA just as much as it does MS even though publicly admitting as much would ruin both of their online business if not the online console market in general.

I know I'm not going back onto PSN without a PSN card at this point.

zygote2372d ago

This just happened to me! I rarely log on to my xbox anymore, my kids have taken it over now that they are older. Nonetheless, I have an active live account and will log on from time to time. I never used my live email for any other purposes, and certainly have never shared my account information with anyone.
Turns out I received emails thanking me for the purchase of ~$100 worth of MS points, which after investigating, turned out to be related to FIFA (I don't own a copy). My xbox told me, when turned on for the first time since being hacked, that my account was accessed on a different console.
I promptly called xbox, they locked my account, and within one week, refunded my MS points I had on my account, and started the process to credit the points purchased.
While I am quite dissapointed that I has hacked, I am very pleased with MS's response.

Psychonaughty2372d ago

Same here just earlier today and no I didn't fall for some phishing scam, this is something altogether more sinister I'm afraid, I'd recommend anyone with paypal or credit card details to remove them from your xbl account immediately.

Thankfully paypal have refunded me the money already as I got onto my account before they spent the points but if I hadn't of been up at 3:30am I would of been too late I suspect, now for the 25 day wait to get my account back, thanks you bastard chinese (confirmed) hackers!!

hellvaguy2372d ago

Similiar to email pw hacks, if you choose a very easy password, hackers have programs to try hundreds of very common words used as passwords. This type of hack has been going on for decades now.