THQ: Sink or Swim In 2012?

XXLGaming writes, "Rumors are flying all around the internet about the possibility of THQ going bankrupt, being sold, etc. While there are many facts that may point to those things there are also things that point to a possible rebound. We touch on things that hurt THQ in 2011 but also things that could help THQ in 2012. Will THQ survive 2012? Will any of us?"

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xYLeinen2253d ago

I guess the only title I'm definitely going to get is Darksiders 2 since I thoroughly enjoyed the first one.

Metro Last Light I will consider but it all depends what I'm playing at the time.

Magnus2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

THQ right now are doing better than RIM I don't want THQ to go I love the Saints Row franchise and can't wait for HomeFront 2.

Dlacy13g2252d ago

So the question is, if THQ continued to struggle would they just go under or could they be bought up by another party? Is there enough there that another company might bail them out? Could an MS or Sony come in and save them or is it more likely the industry lets them go under and try and buy up a few of the IP's that are worthy on the cheap once they go under? Sadly I think the later might be the truth right now.