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A portion of Rewind Replay's article: "With another year upon us, we get another year full of great quality software. Last year we got an incredible amount of AAA titles and beating a year that we got a Zelda, Uncharted, and Elder Scrolls game is no easy task. Still there is a plethora of great titles coming out this year that we can't wait to play, and keep in mind these are the titles we know are coming out in 2012, we still haven't seen what's in stock at E3."

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joab7772287d ago

This is the first list I've seen that nails my top 3. When i got down to 5, i thought amalur was out, but you made it right. Nothing tops biishock, as I trust Levine more than anyone and a new environment to Ajax amalur slightly ahead of mass effect simply because I fear that the RPG elements are going to b the very minimum to keep the fanbase happy. Coming off skyrim, nothing makes me happier then delving into not just another huge RPG, but a new IP with proven roots. 3 weeks and counting

ilovemyps32287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

So diablo 3 is confirmed to hit consoles?

Man, when I think I bought a pc for diablo 2, after seeing it at a friends house.
I spent countless hours playing it with 2 friends, in my room. It was great.

If they do it for consoles, and its still playable, this game could drive sales.
And if Sony is smart enough, and asks blizzard to add mouse and keyboard support, on the ps3, man, this could be a phocking smart step for Sony,as millions of fans would prefer playing with a m/k over a pad, on 360. Think about that,Sony, please be smart and do that. You could grab 60-80% of total sales, on consoles.

Diablo 3 is a huge will be a 20-30 million title, for sure.if you grab a 60-70% of total console sales, this could mean 10-13million units sold. You could easily sell 3-4 million consoles, if you could do a nice bundle, composed by a extended version of Diablo, with some special powers/characters exclusive for ps3, a wireless keyboard and mouse, along with a nice book, and a ps3 with a nice Diablo skin, with a red monster. It could be awesome.

Shit, I wish I could talk to Sony and give them some ideas.why can't them create a webpage,on, where registered users could give them some ideas,for games, packs,psn, etc.

Once again, sony, you have a big chance to sell consoles and diablos 3 games: just add keyboard/mouse support, and you are the winner.

h311rais3r2287d ago

They won't take the pc community from diablo just cuz of mkb support. Pc will always outsell with blizzard games