Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Square's Phoenix?

"The demo is a showcase for everything that's changed - and it needed to be..." We spend some time with FFXIII-2 and examine the improvements

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Ranma12316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Lol no.

That game isnt a phoenix down that will revive the FF series. But FFvs13 might, and if it doesnt. Squares in big trouble.

Everyone will love confidence in them

Optical_Matrix2316d ago

Ranma, if you hate FFXIII-2 so much, why are you consistently in every single article bashing the game and Square Enix. I'm all for opinions and free speech but when it gets to a point you're bashing a game you evidently don't like in every article then it becomes trolling. Just saying bro.

Capt-FuzzyPants2315d ago

Yeah. A lot of us have been telling him what you've just said for the past week. It's annoying. You've succeeded in getting your voice heard Ranma. Too bad not many of us agree with you.

I think this game should be pretty good. The whole monster system was pretty cool. Although the music in the first battle was a little confusing. I know there is actually good music in the game though so i'm not worried too much about it.

Danteh2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

@Ranma1 your fixation with Final Fantasy XIII-2 borders the obsessive-compulsive disorder, I mean.... look at your comment history!

I am also a long time Final Fantasy fan (so my opinion is, at least, as worthy as yours) and I absolutely loved the FF XIII-2 demo.

I felt like it recaptured that (indescribable) special magic that games like FF X and FF VII had.

So relax and enjoy the game, dude!

MmaFan-Qc2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )


with all your obsessive comments about FFXIII-2, it look like the only person you're trying to

btw, i will gladly purchase ffxiii-2

........yep....even without your consentment.

brish2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )


Wow! People said that they looked at your message history and every message you wrote is bashing FF XIII.

I thought there is no way that anyone would spend all their time bashing a single game. I looked at your message history. Sadly they were right.

We get it you don't like the game. It's time to move on.

Slade2315d ago

square doesnt need a pheonix because they are already flying high.

2011 was a banner year for them in which they made massive profit. Anything else is trolling

DA_SHREDDER2315d ago

They don't need a pheonix. They need a pheonix down. I can deal with a mediocre story, FF13 was below average though and the combat still sucks. I doubt anyone in the Squeenix roster even played a real Squaresoft FF. Seriously though. The combat is garbage and feels totally redundant.

Bundi2315d ago

Here we go again with the Vs hype. Seriously, where's the Unicorn magic that this game is made of coming from??

Redempteur2315d ago

nobody knows some people talks about versus when we hardly have any news about it.

trenso2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

The magic is from Charlie.....and his kidney

rataranian2315d ago

It's also annoying seeing every other article about this game. It's also annoying seeing that even if someones comes in to rage about this pos game all the FF fanboys swarm to attack. The facts are that this game bombed before in terms of being one of the greatest FF games or rpgs's of this gen. It already has bombed in Japan. And even if it was the biggest pile of trash in the world, FF fanboys would still buy it and defend it to the death because thats what they do.

kreate2315d ago

Im Kinda late on the comment board but u sir, keep spreading word. Cuz ur right.

We'll see how the sales go cuz im not buying it.

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-Mika-2316d ago

It is. The demo was great and alot of people enjoyed it. Im improved upon alot of things fans disliked about 13. So im excited about this and i can't wait.

Game4life2315d ago

I liked the demo but I just never really liked ever playing demos as they fell weird to me as it just drops you in a point in the game and not always in right at the beginning

CLOUD19832315d ago

The 3 most important things in a JRPG is:


And as I read XIII-2 story suck, characters suck and gameplay is the same sh1t like XIII so it's another SE failure and it was expected from the moment it's a sequel to the worst FF ever.
Also I read that sound that it's also one of the most important things in a JRPG also sucks so what's good about this game? the graphics? the videos? that's not enough to make u play and enjoy a JRPG graphics r not even in the TOP 5 for me.
SE must spent less time on graphics and much more on writing a decent script and create some cool non-ridiculous characters, just release this sh1t to flop and move on to Versus already there is ppl who buy a PS3 5-6 years ago just to play this game and they r still w8ing...

Slade2315d ago

you read wrong.

stop trolling

if you were a real square fan you would of played dozens of games from them like I have. And loved them

CLOUD19832315d ago

I read wrong? I read this things from reviews and every videogame journalist say the same things u know that story is ridiculous characters r bad and sound r mediocre, so dont tell me that I read wrong if u open your eyes u might see all this things every1 saying, I play JRPG for the past 15+ years and I am Squaresoft fan not SE after FFX the last FF by me there is not FF anymore in the market what SE release is bad tries to imitate the original product and they fail every single time, and btw it's different to be a fan and different to be a blind sheep that follow a company and buy every sh1t they throw at him w/o care about the quality.

Redempteur2315d ago

yep you read wrong .

Everyone says that noel is a mucb better character than than expected so teh characters are there . And gameplay took advantage of the many complains people had before so AS Everyone saw by playing the demo it has been massively tweaked NO it's not the same shit .

Slade2315d ago

"I read wrong? I read this things from reviews and every videogame journalist say the same things u know that story is ridiculous characters r bad and sound r mediocre"

yes your wrong, like the other person said. Your just trolling

"I play JRPG for the past 15+ years and I am Squaresoft fan not SE after FFX the last FF by me"

So like I thought you have no idea what your talking about, you dont even play all the wonderful rpgs square put out this gen. Shut up and go away you pathetic troll, walk way with your tail between your legs

Inception2315d ago

With respect to XIII/XIII-2, i think FF Type-0 (and maybe Versus) are the phoenix down that SE needs so bad. After playing Type-0, i felt that this is the way that FF XIII should be. Airship, world map, 14 playable characters with unique skills, RTS element, great story (Cid as the main antagonist? awesome!, reference to asian/chinese myth about war between suzaku-genbu-byakko-seiryu? nice!, and epic ending [well i don't want to spoiler it but it's tragic and Aerith death are nothing to this]). And oh yeah, great music with lots of tribute to Uematsu work (Crystal theme, victory fanfare, etc).

I hope someday Type-0 (or maybe the sequel?) will get an HD console treatment. So everybody who said FF XIII is great, can witness that Type-0 offered more greatness than FF XIII/XIII-2 can give.

Peace out ;)

tiffac0082315d ago

We need a localization announcement of Type-0 and a release date for FFXIIIVs really bad ~_~

Inception2315d ago

For Type-0, i will buy it twice (UMD & PSN) so i can play it on vita

I hope we can have more info about Type-0 localization and versus release date after XIII-2 released in US/Euro.

RyoHazukiii2315d ago

Right, I used to love Final Fantasy games, mostly for the characters, the setting and the storyline...
FFXIII had none of those, ive played the demo of this game and it's just the same.
I'll stick to the jrpgs on my Galaxy s2 through FPSE thanks.

Hicken2315d ago

That's subjective. I enjoyed the setting and story, and AT LEAST liked Sazh and Vanille(I rarely like all the characters in an RPG, so two is enough for me).

Therein lies the problem: the people who disliked XIII are as vocal- if not moreso- than those who liked it. And the advent of the internet, coupled with the lack of FF for a few years, means that there was lots of hype for the game spread all over the place.

XIII was the exact same game all the trailers and demos made it out to be, but everybody was still stupidly hyped for it. And because the fans made some outrageously high expectations that no game could have met, Square-Enix is at fault? We all knew going into it what type of game it would be, yet so many people wanna act like they were surprised. Yeah, right.

And now the same thing is happening with VsXIII.

But you know what's worse? The same people deriding XIII (and XIII-2, for that matter) for not being enough of a traditional FF are all over Versus, when gameplay has shown that it's likely to deviate from the tried and true formula just as much. The only real difference I see is in the open-world nature of the game; nobody's getting their old-school battle system back, like they complained XIII didn't have.

So what makes Versus this savior? And why is its impression so different from XIII? Why is it that all I see is a repeat of what happened with XIII?

byeGollum2315d ago

they've all jumped in the VersusXIII Ship, the same crew who were sailing the XIII pirate ship..

Majority are stuck in the past. After 13 iterations you'd think the game might want to be at least slightly different from the previous 12? if you don't enjoy the series anymore, don't play it. Instead of spreadin' negativity.