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PCgamer4ever2231d ago

1.Diablo 3
2.StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
3.BioShock: Infinite
4.Mass Effect 3
5.Borderlands 2

ATi_Elite2231d ago

2. Planetside 2
3. Arma III
4. Guild Wars 2
5. Firefall/Diablo III

Goozex2231d ago

Don't forget the following:
1. dust 514
2. Starhawk
3. The last guardian ( hopefully)
4. The journey
5. Max payne 3
I'll add another one how about The darkness.

h311rais3r2231d ago

I agree with every game stated. How about azuras wrath and halo 4 Alan wake. Twisted metal. Greats list coming

ThichQuangDuck2231d ago

1.Bioshock Infinite
2. The Last Guardian
3.Transformers Fall of Cybertron(hoping this will lead up to beast wars)
4. Armored Core V
5. Witcher 2

Halo 4 I want to see game play before I get too excited, but I am of course excited for something new.

Vynzent2231d ago

HAha, YES! Armored Core V

Can't wait for it!

Relientk772231d ago

Ni no Kuni
Sly 4
Diablo III
Tales of Graces f
Borderlands 2

benso2223d ago

My top 5:

Borderlands 2
Bioshock Infinite
Metro Last Light
Far Cry 3
Prey 2