CoD Dev: “Stopping Power Isn’t a Viable Solution” to Perk and Weapon Balance

MP1st - Recently, David Vonderhaar of Treyarch has been in conversation with Call of Duty fans regarding a fairly controversial topic: Stopping Power and its place as a perk in Call of Duty.

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Majin-vegeta2193d ago

Just take out all perks and the knife and go back to cod2 game play style gun on gun and the weapon butt kill which take's 2 hits to kill.Or just throw all the good perks in one tier E.G. SOH,GHOST, etc.

BulletProofVess2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

i would appreciate the return to the weapon butt kill
so panic knifes won't kill over bullets

additionally agree that ghost has to be in a tier with something equally useful
which may warrant the return of stopping power
a more radical move which would alter the pace of the game would be leave ghost how it is &to make regular playlist like hardcore with a uav being required to see mini map on screen

btw imo mw2 was a patch away from being a near perfect game
it needed commando lunge removed switched to say quicker recovery after knifing & one man army changed to one change per life (and or no explosives gained after switching classes)
weaponwize debatable

Mister_V2193d ago

I definitely agree with the knife/butt. I'd either like to see two hits to kill (one if your at your opponent's back), or to have to switch to the knife in order to use it. I thought Crysis 2 had it perfect (two butts depending on your positioning). As for perks, I feel like less it more. Maybe get rid of pro versions for eg?

Criminal2193d ago

Panic knifing is one of the most frustrating things in any CoD.

da_2pacalypse2193d ago

better yet, start from scratch. make a new engine, and stop milking it -_-

Venatus-Deus2192d ago


Change your controller layout to tactical. Then you can drop shot at the same time.

SkywayAvenue2192d ago

Black Ops had the worst gun balance I've seen from COD. They completely took snipers out of the equation. The only smg worth using was the AK-74u. Other than that, if you weren't using an assault rifle, you were at a disadvantage.

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StayStatic2193d ago

Well said, i h8 all the crap they have thrown in , ruins the game,now it's just a massive cluster ffff..... & the maps are gargbage.

DebateMaster2193d ago

OOOOOORRRRR a seperate game mode how bout that?

GraveLord2193d ago

Hardcore Mode says hi.

If you don't want perks and killstreaks there's a game mode for that. No need to ruin the game for everyone else just to satisfy some nostalgia.

Kaos_Vll2193d ago

i was thinkin the same thing, there's a reason why those playlists exist, nevermind they have a small following...

ninjagoat2192d ago

CoDv1 tbh guns where better. Took more learning cod2 they lanced the soul outta them. Cod1 had different fire rates proper recoil. Took an age to get used and good with your selected guns.

Yes even the thompson in the right hads had two fire rates try single fire on thompson. But this even on uptdate weapons would be welcome imo. Cod2 interduced the noob boom stick.

News4Noobs-2192d ago

Yea you're right.

The problem is now we have a perk for everything in the game, now we have up to three times of what it was in COD4, thats why COD is all about perks and killstreak rather than gun and skill.

I mean orginal perks + new perks + pro perks + attachments that act like perks + whatever that is on mw3 that you take kick (which also like perks)
Now it all depends on the equipment you got, at the right time.

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scrambles2193d ago

Perks impact the game too much. Its not "this helps me" its i need this or i will be gunned down in a matter of seconds. If the game wasnt so perk dependent it could go back to old CoD fun. Same goes for killstreaks. They dont give a helping hand in winning they just do all the work for you. Til CoD goes back to being less perk and killstreak dependant it will never resemble the old CoD everyone use to love.

princejb1342193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

the old cod people used to love? do you mean cod 1,2,3 or anything else in between that
if i recall correctly cod hit its big BOOM with cod4 which was fun and had perks

scrambles2193d ago

I said less dependent.

slight of hand ONLY helps you reload faster.
Ninja ONLY helps you have quieter foot steps

that sort of thing

As for Kill streaks, they dont need to be super helicopter that puts red boxes around all enemies and can kill before they react. Helpful killstreaks like WaW's artillery strike were good. It hit a limited area and didnt destroy people for not having Assassin or Blind Eye. The killstreaks will tilt the fight in their favor not put 400lbs on one side then tip the scale. grinding the other team into a fine powder because they had 1 or 2 bad team members or didnt use the correct perks.

Mister_V2193d ago

So far, I think CoD4 had it perfect - simple, gun-on-gun gameplay with perks and killstreaks for that added spice - a way to just make it more interesting. You were never really dependant on the perks (except for stopping power of course, which is what this article is all about) or killstreaks.

princejb1342193d ago

@mister v lol and juggernaut, oh god juggernaut in cod4

h311rais3r2193d ago

Cod 2 sold incredibly well. And was a superior game.

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peeps2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

My problem with Killstreaks in COD is that they dominate too much, like you say they 'do the work for you'

Games are basically won by who gets the killstreaks first and with the addition of the care package you could get lucky and get a chopper gunner (or similar) after a mere 3 kills with hardline.

As others have mentioned though, clearly people like killstreaks and perks as the 'barebones' playlists have a much much lower playercount to standard rooms. I just think there needs to be more balance in the streaks and perks. There's a reason just about any COD lan bans killstreaks and most of the perks.

@Mister_V you raise a good point about COD4 and it's interesting looking back how the most powerful streak was the 7 kill chopper. It was powerful but reasonably rare and could be taken out/avoided. The problem now is there's a different killstreak going off every couple of seconds

Blastoise2192d ago

Black ops had more balanced killstreaks. To get away from dogs all you had to do was go up a ladder. You could shoot both the helicopter gunner killstreaks down before they even came on the map. Also the percentage of decent killstreaks in care packages were reduced, which is why the majority of care packages were just ammo or UAVS

Soldierone2193d ago

I hope to god that Treyarch doesn't just update perks like MW3 did and then go and include really crappy maps, again like MW3 did.

I want them to take what they had in Black Ops and improve it to MW2 levels.

If you want to work on perks, then how about this....stop handing out free points. With MW3 you might as well just turn UAV on at all times....When someone is bragging about getting a crapload of kills its stupid, why? Because it was all done by helicopter.

MRHARDON2193d ago

If we look at how the last 2 Treyarch games have been, copies of the previous game released, [email protected] was like COD4, Black Ops was like MW2.

So I can now assume Treyarchs next game will be like MW3.

h311rais3r2193d ago

All the mw games are exactly the same. All they do is change perks. And they get worse too and cramp the maps. Atleast trey arch tries something different.

Chaotic_Lament2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

The game went from being mostly gun combat decided by skill and spiced with perks and perks combat decided by killstreaks.

They need to reign in both perks and killstreaks. They should be class moddifiers not class definers.

Fylus2193d ago

Agreed, although that reigning needs to tip a little more into the gun-on-gun combat. Honestly, I never cared about the perks. When somebody killed me with Stopping Power even if I shot first, it didn't frustrate me NEARLY as much as getting mowed down over and over by harriers, pavelows, and AC130's in MW2 or the attack dogs in Black Ops.

All I could think to myself after said events would be, "Congratulations, dickhead, you're magical unmanned helicopter you got from a care-package killed me. Way to go."

DEADEND2193d ago

They should just keep custom guns but remove all perks and just make gun on gun gameplay.

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