BIT.TRIP Complete Hands-On Preview [Dealspwn] writes: "Ah, Runner. How I've missed you, you utter b*stard. Runner is certainly one of the compilation's headline acts, and with good reason: the simple jump and slide controls (perfectly translated to the WiiMote) allow you to enjoy the raucous and colourful platforming experience that relies on split-second timing.

Oh, and such timing. Such terrifyingly precise timing. As a seasoned and self-styled master, I completely forgot just how demanding even the earlier levels are - and a simple staircase formed an impenetrable barrier that caused me to fail the second stage no less than eight times. Luckily the evolving soundtrack, gorgeous visuals and global leaderboard runs will be more than enough to keep you hooked for innumerable hours, and I was forced to play one of the other games thanks to a rep prying the WiiMote out of my sweaty, shaking hands."

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