Why I won't be re-upping SWTOR

VGW's Mark Steighner: First, you need to know that I have played virtually every significant MMORPG, from Everquest through Rift. I was there for the horribly failed start of Anarchy Online and explored Tolkien’s digitally imagined universe on day one of LOTRO. I have grouped, ganked, guilded, raided, crafted, and quested my way through all of them. Although I have seen the endgame for a very few of them–for reasons I will explain–I have played them all long enough to get a very good sense of where they’re going and what they’re made of. I would say my all-time favorites would include Dark Age of Camelot, WoW, Rift, Aion, Age of Conan, and LOTRO. Every now and then, I jump back into Warhammer or Lineage 2 or EQ2 just to see how things are going.

In other words, I really love MMOs. Or, I really love the idea of what they represent: vast, interactive worlds in which to play and explore. Worlds that have the potential to be changed forever by my actions and those of my fellow player...

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fluffydelusions2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

I'll subscribe till I'm bored of the game. I'm currently lvl 38 so still a bit to go till 50. Enjoying the game a lot tbh though. Author says he enjoys the game and has a good time but won't re-up? Er's only $15 per month...

solar2318d ago

Im having a blast with the game as well. Maybe it is because i didnt play WoW for very long, yet it is a bit comforting knowing that i have a good sense on what to do in the galaxy.

I am really liking the storylines, picking or choosing dark or light sides. The companion system is cool, yet i wish i wouldve got them to like me more than i have at lvl 30. 23 minutes to fetch materials is a drag.

As like you fluffy, i will be reupping until i get bored. But i have a lot of online mates who are also enjoying the game and i can see myself playing it for a good 6 months or so. A mate and i are doing every single quest we can together. Which helps a lot for the fun factor and social points.

ATi_Elite2317d ago

The author has his opinion but SWTOR is all the rage right now! I haven't seen one bad review of it and those who like this type of MMO have said nothing but positive things about it.

I myself prefer more action/twitch gaming and less grinding so i'm waiting for Guild Wars 2 or Tera to get my MMORPG fix!

eak32318d ago

I've always been a big fan of MMO's havent played a ton but those I have, I sink into with zeal. 5 yrs of Everquest and 5 years of Wow. Put a year or so into Guilds War and am currently just trying out DC Universe Online, which is surprisingly fun. The free to play was the sinker for me to try it and have upgraded to premium and can see myself getting a subscription here in a couple weeks. That being said, as I get older I enjoy the solo experience more and find the 5-6 hour long raid as not something I really want to experience a lot anymore. So I can understand the author's frustration as once you "cap" a game the solo part of it, besides pvp, is pretty much gone.

JohnnyMann4202318d ago

Pfft the author is a whiner. Whining about mailboxes in SWTOR? Really?

Author is a decent writer, but maybe he really doesnt like MMOs like he says (anymore at least)

SWTOR is probably the cleaning easiest to pick up and play MMO i've played in a long time and I actually like my characters story.

Saryk2317d ago

I think I am getting burnt out on MMORPGs period. SWTOR is a very good game without a doubt. But once I am done with SWTOR, it will be a very long time before I buy another game from any MMORPG.