Top 5 Most Fun Open World Games

People always talk about games graphics or reality in games but most important thing in games is fun factor.There are top 5 brutal ,fun,amazing,and over the top crazy games.

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ATi_Elite2375d ago

Hey where is STALKER!!

I'll take that over any of these all day long.

"He was a good STALKER"

1nsaint2374d ago

exactly what i would putt in my list, also i would include borderlands

BillytheAlien2374d ago

I would of swapped Saints row 3 with Just Cause 2

Don't get me wrong I love SR3 but it felt smaller in map size and content then Saints row 2 and some things wer ejust too wacky. I mean how easy was it to get infinite health/ammo/sprint etc, it just made game too easy.

I say Just Cause 2 because the map was huge and the amount of stuff you could do was amazing. Plus all those secrets you could the LOST island.

Merchant2374d ago

List is fantastic but i do agree just caues 2 should be in this list :)

BlmThug2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

1. GTA Sanandreas

2. Saints Row 2

3. GTA Vice City


5. Saints Row 3

Zha1tan2374d ago

Its good how GTA IV is not on that list, It was not fun at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.