The Backlog: Shenmue II

Default Prime's Charles Battersby writes: "Hardcore gamers talk about the Dreamcast the way that car lovers talk about a ’57 Chevy, the way that junkies talk about that first pure high. That high was powerful, but short-lived; the Dreamcast debuted in 1999, but was already done with by 2001. The game that best represented this doomed console was Shenmue. It’s been over a decade since I finished Shenmue. I vaguely recall it was about a quest to avenge the death of my father. It ended with a cliffhanger, but a sequel was put out in 2002 that continued the story. Alas, Shenmue II was only released for Japanese and European Dreamcasts. Eventually it was ported to the original Xbox in America, however I had lost interest in it by the time that happened. I wasn’t the only American gamer who wasn’t interested in Shenmue II on Xbox; it didn’t seem to captivate the swarms of Halo fanboys. All that changed when one day I found Shenmue II in a bargain bin for five dollars. "

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