What is Your 2007 Game of the Year?

It's that time again when all media outlets pick their Game of the Year. Loot Ninja will be throwing their hat in the ring soon enough. But in the meantime, they want to find out what you think. What should be the 2007 Game of the Year? They're giving you a lot of choices here, some of which you might laugh at. But hey, it's a free country, right? The polls will be open until until Wednesday December 19th at 8pm EST. At that point, Loot Ninja will tally up the votes and post the Loot Ninja Reader Game of the Year for all to see. Feel free to leave your comments as to why you voted how you did.

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LSDARBY3755d ago

Mine is between Uncharted & COD4. But i'd probably say Uncharted

JsonHenry3755d ago

Command and Conquer 3 for the PC. Then CoD4 for the PC as well. (leaning around corners really changes the game play up from the console versions where you can't lean)

wageslave3755d ago

Halo 3
Mass Effect

IN that order

MK_Red3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

1.WTF!? Where is Assassin's Creed, it's worth more than half of games that are on that list.

2.BioShock here. Even though I love AC, it was BioShock that felt really next-gen ahead of all other 2007 games.
Other worthy games IMO are:
God of War 2
Mass Effect
Metroid Prime 3

Jack Bauer3755d ago

unless they just added it, you missed it, it is on there.

drunkpandas3755d ago

Assassin's Creed was added late. Missed that line in my notes. Sorry

MK_Red3755d ago

Ok... It's much better now :)

drunkpandas3755d ago

If there are any other games you think should be added to the list, let me know. It's here to get the community's opinion for Game of the Year, so we want to make sure every game someone wants to vote for is available.

MK_Red3755d ago

All I can think of now (That are missing from the list) are:
The Witcher
Zack & Wiki
Quake Wars

drunkpandas3755d ago

Added all of those plus Forza 2. I'm sure people will just hit disagree here because that's what happens at N4G.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3755d ago

I'm surprised you Sony fanatics have not added Lair to that stupid list.

Having garbage like Uncharted and Warhawk makes you lose all credibility.

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UnblessedSoul3755d ago

Uncharted drakes fortune is GOTY imo

Jack Bauer3755d ago

having played the all the main GotY games... i gotta say Mass Effect is without doubt the best imo.