Top 10 Genre defining Game Franchises in the history of Gaming

During the past two decades in the evolution of Gaming there have been gazzilions of high quality games that cater to all kinds of gamers which fall under different Genres.

These 10 Games are quite possibly the most critically acclaimed iterations which not only kick started the multi-million selling franchises but also defined and gave birth to their respective genres, which wouldn’t have existed without these high quality games.

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geniusgamerdoc2258d ago

Zelda, Final Fantasy, Super Mario and Tomb Raider are my Favourite games that gave birth to their respective Genres.

Ranma12258d ago

FF for RPG....but not so much these days


geniusgamerdoc2258d ago


Hopefully Tetsuya Nomura might bring back the Huge Franchise to life with Final Fantasy VERSUS XIII !!

Only time will tell...

I pray for it to stay PS3 Exclusive nonetheless!

Solid_Snake372257d ago

ah yes... Metal Gear Solid... good times

thats_just_prime2258d ago

half the games listed the shouldnt be on there the list all has a lot of mistakes. It says doom was the 1st fps but wolfenstien came out before doom.

Why is GT on the list its not a defining game if you want a defining racing game try Virtua Racing not only was it one of the 1st "3d" racers it was one of the 1st "3d" games. it was also the 1st game to be in widescreen.

Why isnt Halo on the list ? even if you hate the game (and I do) it still the game that made xbl a success and intro us to the online gen that we have now

MaxXAttaxX2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Also, why would Halo be there and not Counter Strike(for example).

Either way it's just an "opinion piece".

Kurt Russell2258d ago

Because Halo nailed shooters on consoles where as before they felt like ropey ports.

MaxXAttaxX2257d ago

The article doesn't specify consoles only.

Besides, consoles had great FPS games, many of which were far from "ropey ports" before Halo. Like the 007 games, Red Faction, Unreal Tournament, Quake, Half-Life, Time Splitters, etc, etc, etc.

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StraightPath2257d ago

Halo & Half Life should be added aswell.

mindedone2258d ago

I like the choices, but that was DEFINITELY not Street Fighter 1 in the picture

mindedone2258d ago

I didn't realize it was ranked though, SMB > FFVII in terms of genre defining game franchises

myps42258d ago

.Nice list mate....the original Silent hill gave me goose bumps back in the day..

TooTall192258d ago

I never knew that FFVII intended to release on the N64.

MariaHelFutura2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Sony designed what was suppose to be the Nintendo CD. Nintendo screwed them over last minute, Sony made the tech they developed into the the PSone and here we are today. I would imagine it had something to do w/ that. Hey, everything worked out in the end. Sometimes in life, negatives have a weird way of becoming posistives.

geniusgamerdoc2258d ago

Absolutely Right.

SONY capitalized on their downfall and have now become Gaming powerhouse especially in JAPAN!

ShaunCameron2258d ago

Actually Sony tried to screw Nintendo over by thinking they could relegate them to being a 3rd-party developer on their own console. That's why Nintendo cancelled the deal at the last minute.

MariaHelFutura2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )


You may be right, but to me that doesn't make sense. For that fact that Sony bought all of their studios after that happened. Nintendo already owned studios previously.

acemonkey2258d ago

maybe a good MP game should have been on the list and maybe mmorpg too

myps42258d ago

I wished World of Warcraft could have made it to the list though.

ljh2172257d ago

Diablo/Diablo II was more genre defining than WoW. Hell, most MMO's that came after diablo followed basically the same design in gameplay terms.

-Gespenst-2258d ago

That picture is still hot.

TheComedian2258d ago

Lol I like the fact that every single one of us hit the article because of the pic but everyone is acting like they don't see the elephant 5 feet away from them...

shreeveera2258d ago

HaHa!!Absolutely TRUE dude//

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