Xbox Live Security Tightened Amidst Microsoft Denials [Report]

Coutee told Eurogamer today that Microsoft has tightened security on the site behind the scenes.

"Shortly after IGN posted the Microsoft response (on Friday), the server over at started handling the brute force script differently," Coutee said.

"Before, it would just let you try over and over. But now it seems that, even though I'm still able to use the link to get past the CAPTCHA, they handle the sign-in request on the server in a way that it will stop replying after about 20 attempts. To me, this seems like they tightened security but didn't make any noticeable changes on the front-end so they could discredit me.”

"Good news is that at least they lengthened the time it would take to brute-force Live IDs,” he added.

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jimbobwahey2226d ago

Hahaha, "We're not getting hacked!" and then they panic and desperately try to fix security holes without anyone noticing. Well done Microsoft, your service has security flaws (not for the first time either) and you just lie to the media and your customers, treating those of us who handed over money for your console and service like absolute crap. Thanks a lot you slimey, deceptive scumbags.

DeathAvengers2226d ago

Oh all-knowing jimbobwahey, i'm glad that you can inform us about what's going on at MS HQ.

southernbanana2225d ago

You obviously do not work in the network security field LOL.

hellvaguy2226d ago

Meh jimbob, typical ms troll. Anyways, no system is perfect and hackers with forever try to play these cat mouse hacking games. At least ms didnt have to bring down thier system for a month and a half. I mean if hackers are routinely hacking into pentagon and fbi data bases, its just a given it happens from time to time.

urwifeminder2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Its good it only affects individuals not the whole network id be unhappy if i couldnt play for ages.