Nine (lethal) reasons Fable fans will love Kingdoms of Amalur

OXM takes a closer look at Reckoning's weapons.

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SP3333D-O2229d ago

Looks like TES + Fable + GOW + Rescue Heroes may just equal hours of fun. Had ignored this game but am now quite excited about it!

Rampaged Death2229d ago

Can't wait to give the demo a blast tomorrow. I hope it's easy to understand stuff because the combat looks great.

Psychonaughty2229d ago

Defo hyped about this game but omw what a horrible horrible name it has, I've seen articles about it for a year now and my eyes glazed over everytime just because the name makes it sound like a low budget turn based rts or a ftp junk mmo or something trash like that, seriously what moron came up with it?!

Kthalas2229d ago

Definitely looking forward to tomorrow's demo of the game. I've been hyped on it since I first read about it over a year ago. Those weapons look great.

Captain Qwark 92229d ago

thank god i didnt know about this game a year ago lol the wait would be awful. i literally found out about it in my last issue of gi, i read an interview with ken r and noticed this was his latest game. checked it out and couldnt be more pumped

HacSawJimThugin2229d ago

The 7th can't come quick enough...I'm can't sleep, I wanna play this now!!